Meal Plan Mondays & Shameless Post-Birthday Plug

This week…

Monday : Potato Chowder with baking-powder biscuits (I love biscuits so much!).

Tuesday : 3-Bean Chili with cornbread.  We haven’t had chili since Mihl came to visit – what’s up with that?

Wednesday : Burritos (aka, finishing up the rest of the chili!).

Thursday : Beany-Patties, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, peas, and green salad.  Big ole’ meal of comfort foods!

Friday : Pizza Night!

I’ve still been enjoying recipes from The Urban Vegan’s tester site :

No-Bake Energy Bars

Spiked Chocolate-Banana Smoothie…

We celebrated my birthday (wee!) over the weekend, and it was the perfect occasion to enjoy some of these spiked chocolate-banana smoothies – in moderation, of course!  We also tested some Raspberry Spritzers (with champagne!), also for Dynise, but it was so dark I didn’t try to take a picture…

Wee!  Look at this most excellent gift from Guppy and Monsieur F!  I’m a big fan of the 60s, and The Mamas & Papas?  Lovely.

My MIL bought me roses and a scarf, too.  I’m still learning to play with the effects on my Nikon D3000…I’ve had it since June, but hardly do much other than point and shoot.  Shame on me.  Mama & Papa Fish sent me the best running jacket ever, but I need to ask M. Fish to take a picture of me wearing it!

I will get the translation for the Lemon Gressini Cookies up tomorrow!  Our making merry got in the way of my blogging this weekend, forgive me?

Do you blog your weekly meal plans?  Let me know, I’d love to link to your plan to share the planning mojo with everyone.  And don’t forget, if you’re looking for meal plan inspiration you can visit the MPM archives.

16 thoughts on “Meal Plan Mondays & Shameless Post-Birthday Plug

  1. Yummm chili! I’ve been thinking of making that too.

    I always think about my weekly meals, but something always comes up like a last minute dinner invite, and its hard to turn down free food. But I want to be better! This week its all about the Viva Vegan for me.

    • Viva Vegan? You lucky ducky!

      It is really just about having a plan…often I don’t stick to it 100% (because free food is my favourite! aka invited to eat at my MIL’s house!).

  2. Oh smarm! I didn’t know you had a birthday recently. Happy belated birthday, my friend! I wish I could mail you a cake but we both know that postal carriers love cake, especially vegan cake. Greedy, aren’t they? Anyways, I hope you are well and happy and rad as ever 🙂

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