Vegan MoFo Day XIX : Free-Trade, Organic Deliciousness Giveaway

A few weeks ago, Guppy and I were reading one of my all-time favourite children’s books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Store

It was so rewarding to snuggle with Guppy and read a chapter every night before bed, however, there was a down side.

Suddenly, I was constantly thinking about chocolate – just like poor Charlie!

Chocolate cravings don’t generally hit me (ever), but I found with each passing chapter I was day dreaming about the stuff.

So I gave in.

I thought I would try something new, so I went for these two flavours from my favourite free trade brand – citron noir and noir quinoa.  I thought they were both so fantastic that I would share them with you!  I must share them with someone, they are that good.

The citron noir is loaded with candied lemon zest – lemon and chocolate!  Brilliant.  If you’re not a big citrus/chocolate fan, then you’ll probably prefer the quinoa and dark chocolate bar.  Somewhat reminiscent of a crunchy type chocolate bar, this one was also a big hit with yours truly.  Both bars are also vegan, organic and fair-trade so you can indulge without guilt.

Would you like some chocolate?  Just leave a comment below and let me know which one you’d like – you’ve got until next Thursday, November 25th at midnight France standard time to enter.  Winners will be announced before the end of Vegan MoFo. Wee!

Vegan MoFo Day XII : Tea for two, and two will get tea! (a giveaway!)

Since we’ve moved across the country, I’ve found all sorts of wonderful new and local yummy  favourite things.  Like this tea.

Le Temps des Cerises is a local company that I am falling in love with for their original flavoured coffees and teas.  Today it’s about tea!  My two prefered teas are (so far) are their number 2 La Javanaise and number 4 La Vie en Rose.  They are green teas and they are both delicate and delightful all at the same time!  The teas are also named after famous songs, which I find really cute.

La Javanaise is a gentle combination flavours : berries, lime and vanilla.  Why didn’t I think of that combination myself?  It of course smells so wonderful, and it’s got a lovely, lively taste.

La Vie en Rose is jasmine, raspberries and grapefruit and it’s a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up with that citrus pizzaz.  It’s not bitter at all, and  the grapefruit taste is really complimentary to the mellow jasmine.

Who wants some tea?  This giveaway is open to everyone.  Just leave a comment on this post before next Friday’s giveaway (so before midnight on November 18th France time).  I’ll pick two winners – just be sure and let me know which flavour you’d rather have!

Sam says : “Relax, it’s the weekend.”


*This isn’t a sponsored post – Le Temps des Cerises doesn’t even know I exist!  I just want to share yummy tea to celebrate Vegan MoFo!

Vegan MoFo Day VIII : Giveaways, an Interview, & things to come!

Edited to add : I have no idea what is happening with my blog – evidently Reader somehow snagged a group of old posts from 2 years ago.  This is the real MoFo Post!

Erm…who else still has their Halloween decorations up?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

So is this year’s Vegan MoFo amazing or what?  We’ve got over 700 bloggers playing the MoFo game – amazing stuff, kids.  It’s got me feeling inspired, I tell you!  Inspired and excited.  And generous!  I bet that got your attention, eh?

Because Vegan MoFo is about vegan food, and food is all about tasting, I’m going to be doing a few Frenchy product reviews, and I’ll be giving a way a few (little) products for you kids at home to try.  Sound good?  Well then, just tune in the next three Fridays : November 12th, 19th and 26th for your chance to win a little somthin’ somethin’ – even if you live in the U.S.! Or Australia! Or Japan!  World-wide love, kids, that’s what the Shellyfish is all about.

And speaking of inspiration, how about an interview with a new vegan?  I’m very excited about it, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I know many of you are “pre-gans” and are “vegan-curious”, but are afraid of giving up your cheese.  It’s never too late to go vegan!  Stay tuned!

There will also be more recipes coming your way : peanut butter cup cookies, Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (like Nutella, but vegan and way better), Cassoulet avec vegan saucisess de Toulouse, perogies, Mihl’s birthday cake, and who knows what else?  Not me!

Because I cannot do a MoFo post without some foodyness, I give you our Rainbow Warrior Zombie Cookies we made for Halloween.  They be pink, and they be proud.  And delicious.  They are of course a Halloween (and Vegan MoFo)  tradition!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled W.I.P. Wednesday…

…to bring you a very special announcement!


Two very groovy ladies have won themselves a copy of Sweet Freedom :

CrazyVeganMom has won a hard copy, and MadCap Cupcake has won a PDF. Please send me a little email (fishbowlmusings at gmail dot com) to claim your prize.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated – I wish I could give you all a copy of this book, because I really do think it’s the bee’s knees. I’d also like to thank author (and friend!) Ricki Heller for generously donating the books for this giveaway!

Your regularly scheduled W.I.P. Post will be up before the day is done! Thank you.


Mrs. K, Monsieur Fish Loves You! Sweet Freedom Saturday


You still have time to get in on the big Sweet Freedom giveaway! Just leave a comment here before midnight Paris time for your chance! The two lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 1st, in honor of Canada Day.

Mrs.K's Date Cake (Vegan)

This is Mrs. K’s Date Cake. Monsieur Fish also announced to me that this is his favourite thing ever that I’ve ever made. Ever. Monsieur F is a gourmand, and while he often says he just love this or that, this is indeed the first time I’ve ever seen him so passionate about a dessert.

So passionate in fact that when I left the kitchen for a moment…

missing cake

There were four more pieces missing! I had to hide the cake! So silly, I know. I’d much rather see him go crazy with this cake, however, than many of the less “healthy” versions out there.

This is indeed a decadent little snack cake, but it’s 100% natural and delicious.

Have you made anything yummy from Sweet Freedom this week ? Stay tuned next Saturday for another installment of “Sweet Freedom Saturdays”. We’ve also got a brand new Sweet Freedom Flickr Group – come join us! Other Sweet Freedom Saturday Deliciousness here in the Fishbowl : Raw Apricot Bars, Tomato Spice Cake, Carrot Snack Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Gingered Apple Muffins, Spiced Pumpkin Millet Pudding.

How do you celebrate freedom? With a giveaway, of course! Sweet Freedom Saturday

Thank you for the wonderful response! Congratulations to our winners, found here.

Happy Saturday everyone! I just love Saturday, and what can make your Saturday even sweeter? How about some Raw Apricot Bars?

Raw Apricot Bars

These delicious raw bars will satisfy your sweet tooth in an oh-so-healthy and delicious way. They are a real snap to prepare which I just love, and you can even frost them if you want to with the Coconut Date Frosting recipe – also raw of course! I opted to just give them a light sprinkling of shredded coconut this time around.

I wish I could say they were a big hit with Guppy, but, alas, they were not. She is such a funny bunny; she just loves raw and dried fruits, but she just can’t get her raw treats groove on. Monsieur Fish is the same way – salé raw cuisine is no problémo, but when it’s sucré, he just wrinkles his nose. Whateveah. That means more raw goodness for me! These would be an excellent mid-morning or mid-afternoon sweet snacky treat – portable and easy to stash in your gym bag or purse. Who needs to purchase over-priced raw bars? These are even tastier!

Now, didn’t I say something about a giveaway?


It’s nearly July, and that means three of my favourite freedom-related holidays : July 1st is Canada Day, July 4th is Independence Day, and July 14th is Bastille Day here in France. Wee! While I could debate the idea of freedom, and it’s obvious subjectivity – I won’t. At least not today. Today I’m here to share Sweet Freedom with you! Author Ricki Heller, who blogs at Diet, Dessert and Dogs, has graciously donated two copies of Sweet Freedom, a hard-copy and a PDF, for me to give to YOU!

We’re entering into the “heat” of BBQ season, and you’ll be the hero of the picnic when you arrive with treats that everyone can enjoy!

There are three ways to enter :

  • Just leave a comment below to be entered. You can improve your chances of winning by doing one (or both) of the following :
  • You can Tweet about the giveaway, linking back to this post. This will score you an additional 3 entries. (Visit Tiny URL if you need to condense.) Just don’t forget to comment with a link to your Tweet so it can be counted!
  • Blog about the giveaway, linking back here. 3 more entries are yours! Just don’t forget to comment with a link to your blogpost so it can be counted!

The drawing will be closed next Saturday, and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 1st, to celebrate Canada Day in style! Bonne chance à tous!

Have you made anything yummy from Sweet Freedom this week ? Stay tuned next Saturday for another installment of “Sweet Freedom Saturdays”. We’ve also got a brand new Sweet Freedom Flickr Group – come join us! Other Sweet Freedom Saturday Deliciousness here in the Fishbowl : Tomato Spice Cake, Carrot Snack Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Gingered Apple Muffins, Spiced Pumpkin Millet Pudding.


Happy Mail ! “I’m just lucky, I guess.”

While were not big on television here at the Fish household, we are movie fans, and we recently acquired the film “George of the Jungle” with “want to spread him on a cracker and eat him cute” Brenden Fraser playing George. Pardon my sexist aside, but yummy.

Guppy loves this movie, and while I’m not going to lend deep socio-cultural significance to a (BLEK!) Disney movie (shudder), I love the zen nature of George and his very Buddhist take on life. Despite spills, loss, separation and other tragedy, George remains true to his Buddha nature. He is cheerful, acknowledges that yes, sometimes the negative does happen, but then something good always happens, too. “George just lucky I guess.” is his refrain, his mantra if you will. While I’m obviously not watching this film in the same way as 3 and 1/2 year old Guppy, I so appreciate his underlining the lucky side of things, though it would be just as easy to highlight all the negative. I also thoroughly enjoy the fact that the protagonist thrives without the infectious encumbrances of Capitalist consummation, and once he and Ursla are finally united, they chose family and freedom in the Jungle rather than Nintendos, MP3 players, cheaply made, inferior quality clothing and all other bounty the free-market economy provides… I do hope they brought some aspirin and penicillin with them, though. You know, because they’re in the jungle and stuff.

Go George.

I’ve been pretty lucky of late as well. No, Monsieur Fish hasn’t taken to weight lifting and parading around in a loin cloth (sigh). I believe the following goodies delivered to my mailbox will illustrate my côté chanceux :


These cute little kitty cats arrived from the sweet Krispycheks, proprietor of the most excellent nom! nom! nom! blog. These little cuties are decorating my sewing area, and I just love them!


My dearest Jumblefriend of Jumbleberry Jam fame has been doing a stellar job de-cluttering her home, and she decided to share some of her many tubes of Vegemite with the blogosphere, i.e.: She had a little giveaway and I won! So excited was I. Monsieur Fish was amused by the Vegemite that traveled from Australia to the United States to France, and the beautiful paper her hand-written note had also traveled an amazing amount : from Tibet to Ireland to the U.S. to France. Wanderlust runs through my veins, now literally!

I’m hooked on this stuff! It is indeed an acquired taste – reminds me a bit of blue cheese in my Omni days. First time I’d tasted it I shuttered, but, oddly found myself wanting more. It’s the same thing here people, but unlike blue cheese it’s cruelty-free and really good for you! I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, because I needed another favourite something to slather all over a fresh baguette like a hole in the head. My new favourite thing to do with the Vegemite? It is amazing for boosting an anemic gravy – and the B-vitamin goodness… love it!



Here is my ultimate loot from the book exchange Carmen organized. I felt so spoilt, because Carmen included handmade cards along with these great books! She is so talented, and if I lived near her I would be hanging out at her house until she shared all her great handmade card tips with me! They are just beautiful, and it’s not going to be easy to send them off to new homes because I want them for me! Oops, selfish moment there. Ok, all better.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful mail! I’m off to go make myself a little Vegemite tartine with some faux E.B. and baguette. Yum!