Amy’s Quinoa CrackersDay XXII : Amy’s Quinoa Crackers

Amy is quackers! Ha!

The lovely and talented Amy posted a yummy quinoa cracker recipe over at Tahinitoo and these babies are fantastic!  She adapted them from Celine’s famous Cheezy Quackers (one of my favourites) but got all crazy with adding cooked quinoa.  That Amy is an upstart and a rebel I tell you.  I’m just happy she took a break from baking brownies to give these a spin.

I made lots of changes like using whole wheat flour rather than spelt, doubling the nooch (addict), using cumin, blah, blah, blah.  Go see Amy’s original recipe and you’ll be able to make it the way you’d like to.

Oh, and did you notice how freaking cute my little leaves are?  I know!  Libby aka Allergy Mom from the fabulous The Allergic Kid blog sent me the cutest cookie cutters and I was so happy to use them.

Now who likes to eat leaves?

Why, your friendly neighbourhood triceratops, that’s who!  Libby’s son is as crazy about dinos as Guppy, and she kindly thought of us when he grew out of his costume.  Libby’s got lots of great recipes, both kid and adult friendly, in addition to loads of great advice and resources for families living with severe allergies.  She’s a working/activist mamma who gets major Fishbowl love!

Speaking of Fishbowl love, don’t forget to comment here for some chocolate!

14 thoughts on “Amy’s Quinoa CrackersDay XXII : Amy’s Quinoa Crackers

  1. Is that adorable dinosaur Guppy? Totally adorable! How’d your little dino like the crackers? I’m always looking for a recipe to rival my kiddos’ love for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.

  2. Hahaa! I am quackers for crackers!!! I think the amount of flour depends greatly on the cooked quinoa. I would have added extra noochies too, but I was nearly out!!

    Thanks for the love!!! Your crackers are so dang hip and cute!

  3. the little leafy quinoa crackers are adorable and awesome looking, Shelly! totally gonna have to check out Amy’s recipe and see about deglutenizing it. w00t! i would add in extra nooch as well. you and my both on that addicition, my friend. i’m gonna go check out Libby’s site and drool over your cauliflower au gratin some more now. huzzah!

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