Vegan MoFo Day VIII : Giveaways, an Interview, & things to come!

Edited to add : I have no idea what is happening with my blog – evidently Reader somehow snagged a group of old posts from 2 years ago.  This is the real MoFo Post!

Erm…who else still has their Halloween decorations up?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

So is this year’s Vegan MoFo amazing or what?  We’ve got over 700 bloggers playing the MoFo game – amazing stuff, kids.  It’s got me feeling inspired, I tell you!  Inspired and excited.  And generous!  I bet that got your attention, eh?

Because Vegan MoFo is about vegan food, and food is all about tasting, I’m going to be doing a few Frenchy product reviews, and I’ll be giving a way a few (little) products for you kids at home to try.  Sound good?  Well then, just tune in the next three Fridays : November 12th, 19th and 26th for your chance to win a little somthin’ somethin’ – even if you live in the U.S.! Or Australia! Or Japan!  World-wide love, kids, that’s what the Shellyfish is all about.

And speaking of inspiration, how about an interview with a new vegan?  I’m very excited about it, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I know many of you are “pre-gans” and are “vegan-curious”, but are afraid of giving up your cheese.  It’s never too late to go vegan!  Stay tuned!

There will also be more recipes coming your way : peanut butter cup cookies, Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (like Nutella, but vegan and way better), Cassoulet avec vegan saucisess de Toulouse, perogies, Mihl’s birthday cake, and who knows what else?  Not me!

Because I cannot do a MoFo post without some foodyness, I give you our Rainbow Warrior Zombie Cookies we made for Halloween.  They be pink, and they be proud.  And delicious.  They are of course a Halloween (and Vegan MoFo)  tradition!