Vegan MoFo Day XXVII : Soja Sun Steaks de Soja or What to eat in France?


In my continuing series “What to eat in France?” I bring you today one of my favourite convenience foods…

Soja Sun is a brand name to remember if you’ll be heading to France any time soon – they make everything from veggie burgers to soy yoghurt.  We are all fans of everything they make, though they do make some non-vegan things so keep an eye out for the ingredients.

These are just good, honest and true tofu and veggie goodness.  Guppy likes them with mashed potatoes and peas, and I admit if I’m crunched for time  these come in very handy for a quick and nutritious lunch.  They are gluten-free and totally vegan, and so is the sauce that comes with them.  With only 140 calories each, they are very low in fat and have no trans fats, either.  There are lots of different flavours, too.

The best thing about the Soja Sun brand is that it’s very mainstream and you can find their products everywhere.  This is a big advantage, especially to tourists who need food on the fly, but don’t always know what to buy or where to find it.

Bon appétit!