Vegan Meal Plan Time

This lovely sunset photo has nothing to do with anything, really. I just hate blogging without pictures.

I went sans Meal Plan last week and I must admit, it was a bit of a pain.  I found myself not knowing what to make and trying to come up with last-minute solutions in a pinch.  Though I’m still trying to get into the blogging groove (ie: finding the time), it might take me a while, but I hope to get some of these recipes* posted.  I may not be consistent, but here is this week’s meal plan:

Monday : Easiest Tabouli*, Grated Carrot salad and garlicy hoummous with baguette.

Tuesday : Quinoa-stuffed tomatoes*, Chocolate-Hearted Yeasted Muffins (a test recipe for Celine & Joni’s new project).

Wednesday : Patatas Bravas Gratin (also for Celine & Joni).

Thursday : Left-overs.

Friday : Homemade Pizza Night!

Weekend Baking  & Brunching : Coconut Baked Oatmeal (Celine & Joni) and maybe some waffles? Who knows…wait and see…

14 thoughts on “Vegan Meal Plan Time

    • Absolutely possible! In fact many vegans I know are soy-intolerant so they skip it all together! One of my friends, Ricki, over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs does soy-free and delicious – you should check her out!

  1. Your plans are inspiring! Thank you for sharing them.
    Planning makes things so much easier, but I can’t do it very long in advance. I’m at least trying not to do it just before going to bed, when it’s already way past my brain time, anymore. My gentleman friend and I usually cook so that we have leftovers, and we’ve recently decided to plan for the next day over dinner, while we are eating the last of the leftovers. We still have to remember to do it, but the few times it has happened made things much easier!

    • Oh, the left-overs! I have a similar problem :when I think something will go right away, it doesn’t and we have tons of left-overs, or when I think something will last, well, it often goes!

  2. Meal plans are such a good idea, I find myself asking ym bf every day what he’d like for dinner, I’d much rather know in advance.

    I can’t wait to see the patatas bravas gratin, sounds yum!

    • I’ll hopefully get the Quinoa-Stuffed Tomatoes recipe up this week. It’s one of those recieps that is so easy and so good, it’s a plus to have it in your rotation.

  3. Your meal plan sounds delicious! I am always interested in vegan gratin recipes, so I hope you’ll post yours someday.

    I found your blog through Your Vegan Mom – it’s great to find fellow vegan menu planners to go to for inspiration!

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