Vegan Meal Plan

Gloriously on vacation this week, which means a little more time for dinner preparation.  More importantly it means spending some quality time with Guppy who will be 5 years old on Sunday, May 2nd. Wow.

Guppy, a week before her 5th birthday. Time flies when you’re eating salad.

It also means a week filled with test recipes for Celine & Joni (marked with an *). Our big move is coming up at the end of June so I’m trying to test as much as I can before things get more hectic. Well, they always seem hectic, but you know what I mean!

One of our favourite new test recipes for saucisses.

Monday : Stew-Tatouille*, homemade Poolish Baguettes from Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

Tuesday : Breakfast will be Crème brulée baked oatmeal*.  I’m looking forward to this recipe because I’ve never made baked oatmeal before, and the idea always seems to intrigue me. Dinner will be Pesto Pea-Damame Soup* with Chickpea Patties from Vcon and hopefully left-over baguette.

Wednesday : Cornbread-Stuffed Peppers*, green salad.

Thursday : Left-overs (I hope).

Friday : Homemade mini-pizzas for Guppy and a few friends who’ll be sleeping over. Birthday cake or cupcakes, too, but not sure which yet.

Saturday : Breakfast burritos* for Monsieur Fish and I,  probably muffins and/or pancakes for the kids – need to confirm opinion of the almost-birthday girl.

Sunday : Birthday picnic for Guppy. Not her official birthday party, more a get-together with our friends to celebrate the day. Menu TBA.

For everyone asking about the Patatas Bravas Gratin slated for last week…it didn’t happen as I was out of a key ingredient. Hoping to add to next week’s list, though.  Also hoping to get one or two of the recipes up from last week.

Bon appétit everyone!