BBA Pane Siciliano

Pane Siciliano anyone? Here are some very, very bad pictures of some most delicious bread. This is one of my favourite breads from the famed Bread Baker’s Apprentice, it always turns out so well! (Much better than my crappy point and shoot after sunset pictures!).

This is the kind of bread I’d never thought I could actually make in my pre-baking days.  I mean, this baby takes 3 days (if you include the pâte fermentée) to make, and that’s a whole lot of planning. However, it’s more than worth it. Trust me!

As is the case with most of the formulas in BBA, the Pane Siciliano is a snap to veganize : I just used rice syrup in lieu of the honey.

This bread has been YeastSpotted!

14 thoughts on “BBA Pane Siciliano

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  2. Looks like a gorgeous loaf–but whoah, that really DOES require advance planning! Good for you for giving it a try. . .I’d say your baking skills are pretty darned terrific now!

  3. Seeing that three days are needed to get from the craving to enjoying the bread may have been enough for me to overlook that recipe. However, when a trusted friend says it’s more than worth it, the recipe suddenly appears on my must-bake list! And with this, you’ve pushed that book pretty close to the top of my must-buy list!

    • I must admit, when I bought BBA as a novice baker in 2008, I was thrilled at how doable the recipes seemed. It’s just a beautiful book to have (and I swear, I’m not being paid by the publisher to say that!).

  4. That makes me crave the smell of baking bread soooooo badly!

    Hmm… maybe it’s time for me to try it again? Sadly, it’s been a couple of years since I have baked bread.

    Where to find the recipe?

    • Hi Robin!

      The recipe is from “Bread Bakers Apprentice” by Peter Reinhart. It’s copyrighted, so I can’t publish it. If a Google search comes up empty, drop me a comment and I can send it to you!

  5. Fabulous looking loaf! I’d either forget about it and find it days later when it had gone moldy or I’d just not be bothered to get started, I think that loaf takes far more dedication than I have! I used to make a lot of bread but my kids wouldn’t eat it so I went back to store bought stuff, may start trying again now they’re a bit older and seem to like baguettes and suchlike when I buy them.

    • Oh Anna, you should make some! I know how frustrating it is to bake things and have the family turn up their noses, but if they’re older, they may appreciate it more.

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