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Since so many of you kids out there in blogland are foodies – vegan & omni alike – I thought you may enjoy this. (I think it’s freaking fascinating and can’t stop wasting spending time reading it) . Check out this Food Timeline that Kelly of Eat Make Read posted. I don’t want anyone getting their vegan organic cotton panties in a bunch over the accuracy of the site – for me it’s purely for entertainment purposes, or perhaps a good starting off point for further research. I just think it’s terribly interesting to connect the dots of our genetic histories and food choices. I also think it would be wonderfully interesting to run a timeline of the apparition of “affluenza-esque” diseases parallel to this one. The introduction (and government-produced propaganda for the marketing) of sugar really marks some interesting changes in the ways we lived and died. Now excuse me while I eat another sugar cookie. Ahem.

Oh, and I’m also thinkin’ that I should be eating whole rice and millet more often, since they are just some of the most ancient grains regularly consumed meaning our bods have the technology to utilise them proficiently. And they rock.

Just sayin’.

Now :

Speaking of some great grains…


Curry Couscous Stuffed Mushrooms served with Red Wine Carrots.

I know, another washed-out photo on a food blog! How original! But get over it, because this meal goes down in the history books of deliciousness. (For a vegan I am awfully cheesy, don’t you think?). These carrots disappeared so quickly that I think for the first time ever in the history of the world I was reprimanded for not having made enough veg for dinner. Yeah, that good. Oh, and they have red wine in them. We all know how I feel about red wine.

And the schrooms? Out of this beloved galaxy my friends. I wish I could tell you what kind I used, but I can’t. Not because it’s top secret, but because Monsieur F has been negotiating the shopping since “My Left Foot” so, I told him to get big mushrooms. He asked how big. I said, as big as the palm of my hand, por favor.


I think he did a pretty darn good job. Don’t you?

Anyway, I hate to be a tease, but these are two snazzy recipes which will be featured in 500 Vegan Recipes by our super sistahs Celine of Have Cake, Will Travel and Joni of Just The Food.

Oh, are you beginning to hyper-ventilate in a freaking panic because you still have a billion things to do before the 24th at midnight and are out of ideas? Take a deep breath. Joni has recently posted some great holiday recipes that would make delicious gifts, and so has Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs – so you’ve no excuses! Inspiration is everywhere! (I think the chocolate will travel just fine to France, don’t hold back!).


19 thoughts on “Food : Then & Now

  1. what an interesting link! the carrots look just wonderful and so do the…mushrooms…well, i can’t bring myself to say i’d eat those mushrooms themselves, but i would DEFINITELY make the couscous that’s stuffed into them! i’m still working on my mushroom-loving side. at this point, i’m just at mushroom semi-tolerant, haha…

  2. How weird is this, I was just daydreaming about stuffed mushrooms? No, that’s not the weirdest part (who daydreams about stuffed mushrooms), but there was your post featuring stuffed mushrooms. I guess the universe is telling me to eat stuffed mushrooms tonight….

  3. carrots + wine?!? i’m totally jealous! in about one millions ways. mmmmmmmmmmmm! your mushrooms are mighty puuuurty too, Shelly! they’re huge! ahahahaa! Monsieur Fish did an excellent job!

    i think i’ll check out that food time line, too – and i believe quinoa is also a pretty old ass grain, too! i’m gonna have to research whole rice – we usually eat brown or wild rice. but i loooove millet. tossed some in with your casserole the other evening. oh yeah, i meant to tell you – this was the conversation this morning… me, “hey love, were you going to dine out with your coworkers today?” dan, “nope – i was going to take the last of the casserole with me for lunch instead!” me, “oooooooh, okay. ’cause i was gonna take the last of the casserole.” dan, “but i thought i was!” in the end i let dan take the last of your casserole to work for lunch, but only because i’m nice like that. but dan told me this evening that we must make it again soon because he says (and i quote), “it’s just awesome! and really great with sriracha, too! let Shelly know please!”

    anyways. i’ve had too much red wine this evening and am taking up lots of space in this comment box. but i wanted to let you know again how glorious your smashing grain casserole is! thanks, Shelly! have another sugar cookie for me too please!

  4. I LOVE THAT TIMELINE!! It’s so much fun to check everything out. And you are such a tease: when you started going on about the carrots and wine, I totally expected a recipe! Now I will just have to wait (though we all know Celine and Joni’s recipes are worth waiting for!).

    Oh, and I am absolutely starting to panic, even with the few gift posts (thanks for the mention!). With up to 50 cm. of snow coming our way in the next 3 days, it may be tough to finish up that Christmas shopping!

  5. Red wine carrots! Holy crap! I can’t wait to see that recipe, and well, all of them really.

    As for the pre-Xmas panic mode, I’m totally in it right now. I still have crafting projects to finish as gifts and truffles to make and cookies to bake, and since I’m pagan and celebrate Yule/Solstice, I have even less time than the Christians!

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