W.I.P. Wednesday

Hola Amigas! (Y amigos tambien, I know a few of you are hombres).

I was feeling a bit sad that “On My Desk…” Wednesdays were over, but at the same time didn’t want to be all stuck in the past, refusing to let go and move on, inciting disapproving looks, pity, finger wagging and comments like “oh, how sad, she didn’t get the memo that it isn’t ‘cool’ anymore.”

Ok, I might be exaggerating a hair.

So that’s where W.I.P. Wednesdays come in. Work in Project (W.I.P.) Wednesdays will be an opportunity to showcase and share what I’m working on (or wish I were working on as the case may be), in addition to W.I.P. progress and completed projects. Maybe I’m stitching like mad to get holiday gifts together, or perhaps someone sent me a new crafty book that I want to share with you – that’s what W.I.P. Wednesday is all about. W.I.P.s aren’t limited to textiles, it’s whatever your work in progess happens to be. Please feel free to join in the fun!

If I had photoshop or was all HTML savvy I’d design a groovy button for my sidebar, but I’m not. So let’s pretend I have a very cool graphic to go with this idea, okay? Thanks, sistahs, you’re the best.

Last week I showed you the bits and bobbles Tacha sent me. Look at how adorable this project is :

It’s a cloth book for kidlets! In French we call it a livre d’éveil – because it “wakes up” the senses of a child. There is a squeaker and the pages rustle like crinkly plastic, not to mention that the animal clothing is made with a variety of textures from different fabrics. It’s for newborns to about 18 months, but Guppy keeps playing with it to teach her dinos the names of the different animals. Good thing her dinos are herbivores.


Good news to any hesitant or newbie crafters out there – this isn’t difficult and it’s really quite fun to put together. I learned some new techniques (fun), and now have a sweet little holiday gift for my new niece!

Feeling crafty? You can purchase this epattern at Tascha’s Etsy shop. No time (or inclination) to sew? No problemo! She’s got some very cute finished books for sale as well (and some other cuteness, too)!