W.I.P. Wednesday : Pants or When Your Model Has The Shiggles*

Happy W.I.P. Wednesday everyone! I was so excited to see so many of you W.I.P.ping last week with me! If we get enough of us W.I.P.ing I’ll make a little linky page to share all that creativity with the rest of the world. It’s so empowering to see all the craftiness and artistic energy everywhere – and in so many different ways.

I should actually be slaving away over a hot sewing machine to try and finish up some gifties, but here’s some of what I’ve been working on this week : pants! Had I known how obscenely simple sewing children’s pants was, I’d have done this ages ago! All you really need is a pair of pants that the kidlet wears to use as a template (and you can play with the size from there). Because they’re all little and stuff, you’re pretty much just cutting and sewing straight(ish) lines. There are several great tuts (just use our friend google), and if the sun ever returns to France I may even take some “play-by-play” photos to show you how terribly easy it is to make pants for the kidlets in your life.

Making the pants is easy.

Taking pictures of Guppy wearing the pants? Not so much…

They’re a bit of a boot cut, and just long enough to be cool (according to M. Fish).

chordetailsThe fabric is a light brown cord with embroidered flowers that I was unable to get a close-up of because Guppy had way too many things to do and couldn’t we take pictures later?

My next experiment was pajama pants with a blue fleece remnant I picked up when I was in the States last summer. I am now regretting not having tried to track more down because it’s just so warm and cozy and perfect for pj’s – and would have been great for a matching top, but I just don’t have enough left!


This is an action shot of “Indiana Jones” who needed a whip and so made do with my tape measure. Not sure how Indie would feel about the heart appliqué, but Guppy liked it.


I’m 3 1/2 & I won’t stay still for anyone,especially not the forces of evil!

These were a practice pair, actually. Santa is bringing her some dino pj’s…so Santa better get sewing!

Tacha’s W.I.P. is a great “to do” list she’s put up as a pdf to share. Go check it out!

*Shiggle is of course when you shake & wiggle. We do it all the time around here.