Meal Plan Monday : Half a plan…

I have more holiday spirit than you can shake a candy cane at, but one of the tiny frustrations about the season is not always being in control of what we’re eating.  The Fish Family will be spending a few days with family at the end of the week, and that means not planning the meals, at least not in their entirety.  I will be contributing to the meals, though, and hopefully will be able to get some pictures if it’s not to dark!

In other news, I’m excited to tell you I’ll be doing some recipe testing for Urban Vegan who has a new cookbook in the works.  The next few days will feature some of her recipes, and they sound delicious.

Here’s what I’ve got planned for the next few days :

Monday : Lemon Poppyseed Muffins (special holiday breakfast), Tuscan Bean Dip with veggies and green salad (lunch), Chickpeas with tomato, eggplant & spinach (dinner).  All three of these are tester recipes for Urban Vegan.

Tuesday : Polenta-Spinach Cutlets with Basil Aioli served with green beans (lunch), Old Bay Cakes served with mashed potatoes and green salad (also test recipes).

Wednesday : I’m not sure if we’ll be here or not yet, so today will probably be about eating left-overs to empty the fridge!

My muffins lean to the left, just like me!

Because I’m posting this after breakfast, I can share a photo of these delicious muffins from Urban Vegan forthcoming book.  The sun doesn’t rise until after 8:30am now, so the light isn’t wonderful, but the muffins were. I knew I needed to snap a picture of one before they disappeared!  Beautiful crumb, bright, lemony taste, perfect for a leisurely holiday breakfast.

Not sure what to make for dinner?  Take a peek at the sample menus on the Meal Plan Mondays page for some inspiration.

15 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday : Half a plan…

  1. Yummy lemon poppyseed muffin…one of my fav’s!
    My in-laws let me have at it in the kitchen as well. The less my mother-in-law has to cook the better for her anyways.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Hard to beat a MIL like that – mine would never, ever let me be in charge of anything, especially cooking. Luckily, we’re going to my brother & sister-in-laws, and they are wonderful about be being vegan.

      Happy holidays to you!

  2. the muffin looks & sounds yummy!
    I don’t really like my meal plans disturbed either. Especially when I visit non-veg families or friends, their ideas of vegan meals tend to be just salad & frozen veg burgers LOL I do appreciate they try to accommodate my veganism though:) Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays to you, Jun!

      My in-laws are really very accomidating with my veganism and usually just turn over the kitchen to me because they love everything I bake & cook…but this year my MIL is coming along, too, and, well, let’s just say it’s not the same for her. It’ll be ok, though!

  3. Oh, you’re testing for another book! I kind of miss testing recipes, these days, but I have so much on my plate (ha!) already that I guess I’d better not commit to more – though were I to be asked to test recipes again, I’d be extremely tempted to say yes…
    Anyways, that muffin looks awesome, and a lot of the dishes in your plan sound terrific. Yum!

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