Sweet Freedom Saturday : Ellen, are you watching?

I’ve blogged about it and I’ve Tweeted it, too : Ricki Heller’s Sweet Freedom is a must-have vegan dessert book.  With gluten-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free sweets and treats, Sweet Freedom is your go-to book when it comes to making something tasty that everyone can enjoy.

Ricki would be a great guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show and no one can sell themselves as well as Ricki can :

How can you resist that, Ellen?

As one of the testers for Sweet Freedom, I can vouch for the accessible and delicious recipes, and as a friend of Ricki’s, I can also attest to her wit, humor and just general delightfulness.

If you’re wondering why I’m giving Ricki some (much-deserved) free publicity, I’ll tell you.  She self-published her cookbook, and all the publicity has been grassroots and word of mouth.  As my dedicated readers know, I’m all about using my blog for good (and not evil) I’m all about helping the peeps do what they can without the man.

Stop by Ricki’s Ellen Show Headquarters for more information. And do watch the video, it’s hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Freedom Saturday : Ellen, are you watching?

  1. Ricki has my vote. But if Ellen doesn’t bite, she can come bake treats in my kitchen while I run the video camera. 🙂

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