W.I.P. Wednesday : Pin Cushions, Notebooks & Gifts


How is your March Stitch-Along progressing? I can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with. I’ll be featuring pictures and links to finished (or mostly finished!) projects in next week’s post, so if you’d like to be included, please send me an email with a picture by Monday, March 30th and I’ll get you in!

My Little Bear and Bunny have been pushed temporarily aside by a landslide of pin cushion madness :


Side A


Side B


Side A


Side A


Side A

The B Sides are on the W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool if you’d like to get your fill of pin cushion love. I used a sweet stamp I ordered from Japan (more on that soon) to stamp some of the fabric. I just love that little mushroom, and think it really works with the brown corduroy.

I don’t know why, I was just thinking I might need a supply of little gift. Always good to have on hand.

I’ve also tried playing with something new in the bookmaking/embellishing department :



I should have taken more time with these pictures because they don’t do justice at all to the adorability of these notebooks. I applied some vegan felt to these faux-moleskines before adding embroidery and other appliqé. I’m in love with them, and forced myself to show them to you all because otherwise I’d have kept them for myself! Ha! Now I know I’ll send them off to good homes.

And this little bundle of goodness (finished off this weekend) is finally on its way to a Lovelie home in Ireland.


A little felty-love pouch, felt heart, and some gourmet vegan chocolate handmade here in town. My sewing skills keep improving, so the longer it takes me to get something out, the better it ends up looking! Also included in the little package is this (feeble) attempt at a handmade card:


The pattern (the second time I’ve stitched it, I really like it!) is from the great book that Natalia sent me for my birthday, as is the idea to use fusible interfacing to adhere it to the card. I really liked the way this looked plan to do more. I also sent her a Sweet Little Pin Cushion, because they are just too cute!

Next Wednesday we’ll have a new featured Wipster for the month of April and a little March Stitch-Along round-up so don’t forget to stop by. I bet you can’t wait, I know I can’t! And I just know that April will be the month of the “Super Easy Child’s Pants Tutorial”. I can feel it in my bones people! Have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too.

24 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : Pin Cushions, Notebooks & Gifts

  1. Wow, the mushroom stamp is adorable. I bought a stmap from Japan (a little tree) and 2 inks, a lovely brown and a green but I still haven’t used it yet! I need to, seeing how effective it can be.

  2. The card, the card, the card!!!! It’s beautiful!!!! I’m weak in the knees…

    And honestly, those pincushions melt my heart. Each one becomes my new favorite. Amazing!!!

  3. Oh I absolutely adore that mushroom stamp!! I’m hoping you fill us in sometime soon on how to stamp fabrics (it must be easy, right?) And I love how you say you “attempted” a handmade card…. it looks perfect!! Satin stitch is on my list of things to learn in the near future!

  4. i am absolutely swooning over your creations. the pincushions! i just want to hold one for awhile. like, i don’t really have much use for a pincushion besides that since my sewing is lazy at best… but they’re so cute! the journals are looking awesome too… your techniques are just getting better and better, shelly. yay for crafty awesomness!

  5. the last time you posted about pin cushions, i turned my entire scrap pile into cushions… i have like 30 of ’em now. 🙂 there were pretty fun to make, and great gifts for friends.

    i love shrooms! i’m making my spring/summer purse right now out of a cute toadstool fabric. 🙂

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