Raw Tuesdays & Blogroll Updates

I was more diligent about maintaining my “Raw Tuesdays” commitment than blogging during the last leg of my U.S. visit. I’ve done a few raw meals & snacks before, I must say, I found it to be much easier – and more fun – to organize a day’s worth of raw food with another willing and motivated participant – in this case my younger brother. We had fun looking through recipes the day before, dividing up the prep-work, and our schedules worked out in such a way that we could share our meals.

This is actually a two Tuesdays worth of food, hope you’re hungry!

The pre-run snack : sometimes just a glass of almond milk, or maybe half a Lärabar. I really liked the Key Lime Pie variety, though I didn’t really think it actually tasted like Key Lime Pie!

Post-run breakfast on Raw Tuesdays has been the other half of the Lärabar and fruit or a green smoothie. Here it’s just a simple fruit bowl with a fresh peach, a cup of blueberries, fresh almond milk, and a small handfull of gogi berries (which I’d never had until this trip. I’d never been able to find them where I live). Love them!

The Sun-Dried Tomato Marinara from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen became one of our favourites, and we found ourselves making on non-raw days, too! We served it over zucchini or summer squash “pasta” which we made with a simple vegetable peeler, and it was really impressive. It had a lot of character and dimension, which was a happy surprise since I was concerned it would just taste like tomato juice! The only thing to watch for with this sort of dish is the “pasta” begins to lose water, so it can get a little sloppy! The weather was running into the 90sF pretty much every day I was in Southern MI and this was a very refreshing dish.

This is the Japanese Miso Soup, also from Ani’s Raw, and it is seriously da bomb! We just devoured this stuff, it was that good. I was more than a little sceptical about what looked like water and mushroom soup, and as we were tasting the broth it pretty much tasted like water and mushrooms. We were trying to figure out a way to amp the flavour, and we added a cucumber which we blended with the broth and voila! It brought things together in a most excellent way! That said, it was, as is often the case with raw dishes, very sort of intense after a while…

This raw Veggie Chili from Gone Raw was a fun sort of experiment. It was good, but really, really rich. I think that if I were try it again I would really finely chop everything, and probably add a little more liquid. We didn’t have any avocados on hand when we made it, and I think that they would have lightened it up. I would also add some fresh corn from the cob, too.

Here is a close-up of one delicious frozen dessert! It was supposed to be made with blackberries, but we only had blueberries and raspberries, so this Walnut Cream Cake with Raspberry Jam is only slightly adapted from Gone Raw. We were using desserts more as our 4 o’clock snack (ou notre quatre heures pour nos amis francophones) and for a post-dinner snack (which I never, ever do, but on these raw days I find that I’m rather starving before going to bed).

My general feeling about my Raw Tuesdays so far is that it takes a huge amount of planning (because of soaking, maranades, etc.) and that’s a little bit of a downer (this is coming from someone who makes  & bakes most everything from scratch, and is accostomed to planning balanced meals). I find that I’m pretty hungry at random times, but that’s pretty normal since I’m eating a little less in calories, but the big downer is hitting around 5pmish when I feel very fatigued and am starving. I don’t generally eat dinner until 7 or 8pm, so I have been trying to have a larger snack at 4pm to fight this. Either way, it’s a great experience, an exercise in discipline, and it’s fun!

As for my blogroll goes, it is desperately in need of an update, and I know that there are many blogs which I visit regularly that aren’t rubbing elbows with the others on the list. Please feel free to drop me an email or a comment if you don’t see yours up there and I’ll add it post haste!

16 thoughts on “Raw Tuesdays & Blogroll Updates

  1. I tried a raw day and discovered that a raw diet is not something I could do. But I’m still very interested in it! I think I’m gonna buy that Ani’s book, because I love how the miso soup looks and I’ve seen other tempting recipes!

  2. I think that zucchini pasta and marinara looks delicious. The temps are supposed to creep up this weekend, so maybe I’ll give that a shot.

    The prep time is exactly what’s been keeping me from doing anything raw (with exception to all of the Ani Phyo yummy beverages). I think if I started raw I would just default to eating salads all the time. I’m pretty content with cooked food for now, though!

  3. I think I have stayed away from raw meal because of the planning involved as well. But I’ve decided my next “cookbook” purchase is ani’s raw… so maybe I’ll get better. The dessert (and everything else) looks delicious!

  4. Isn’t the zucchini pasta excellent? I am in love with it and have been eating it like crazy. I much prefer the thinly sliced zuch to having it in a stir fry cut into cubes or coins. Much yummier. Your cake looks great too.

    I am jealous of your Lara bars, I think I am going to bring back a box of them from Canada next time I am home.

    Tres Bien!!! Great photos.

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I do the Raw Food Mondays each month, I feel the worst at about 4 p.m. Lunch is long past, and dinner is hours away since I typically hit the gym after work and then eat dinner at like 7 or 7:30. I’ve tried snacking Larabars at that time, but they don’t hold me over long enough. It’s almost as if I should really eat 4 meals on raw day. I may try that next time…I also really need to get that Ani book.

  6. I love goji berries too – I’m so glad you finally got to taste them. I also love zucchini pasta. I’ll have to try those recipes you mentioned from Ani’s Raw. Everything looks just wonderful. Oh, I think corn with the chili would be great!

  7. how awesome of your brother to get into the raw tuesdays, too! yay! i have a copy of Ani’s book – you’re making me want to make everything in it!

    i just tried a larabar last week – the apple pie one, it was tasty! think i’ll try the key lime one next time! mmmmm!

    thanks for noting a few things you’ve noticed about raw food days. i’ve been reading that a lot of people get pretty hungry at random times, too! and really hungry as well. sounds like it takes a BUNCH of planning – but your foods look wonderful and it’s awesome that you’re doing raw Tuesdays! 😀

  8. I’m always amazed at the great variety one can still eat even on a raw diet. You’ve covered all the bases here, for sure! I also love that marinara and could eat it every day 🙂

  9. You know, your posting is going to convince me that I need to do a raw Tuesday with you! I really need to slow down on the intake of JUNK lately. I LOVE the LARBARS!!!

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