Iron Cupcake Earth

Like I needed another excuse to make cupcakes…

I’d noticed the little Iron Cupcake logo popping up here and there, but it wasn’t until the lovely Marika of Madcap Cupcake posted her allegiance to the Iron Cupcake that I decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

Here’s the dealy-o : every month there’s a theme ingredient and you get to pick your own recipe and play with it to match the theme. Then you make your cupcakes. And you eat them, too… Oh, and you blog about what you’ve made, and just for doing that you could win amazing prizes like cool stuff from Cakespy, Jessie Steele Aprons, Cupcake Couriers and Taste of Home! Prizes for making and eating cupcakes?! Life is good my friends… This is the first challenge, so you too could be one of those cool peeps who months from now will declare “I’ve been an Iron Cupcake since the beginning, baby!”.

I’d like to stress that this is a very VEGAN FRIENDLY type of event because you chose your own recipe, one you like, know, are familiar with, whatevah. You won’t be converting/changing up pre-destined recipes. Woo-hoo!

To join, you must answer the following questions very carefully. Choose your answers carefully. You can do it…

City, State, Country
Blog Address
Flickr Name
Referral: Musings From The Fishbowl

Send this info to by midnight tonight, August 20, and you’ll be eligible for really chic prizes like a super-cool t-shirt from Cakespy or a hand-crafted necklace from Peggy of The Glass Chef. Yes, you read correctly, prizes just for signing up to make some cuppas!! Crazy, I know. But good crazy.

So sign up! Hurry! Let’s make some cupcakes!

12 thoughts on “Iron Cupcake Earth

  1. Coincidentally I was up half of last night thinking about an entry (while trying to sleep)… so seeing your post this morning has put me over the edge… you and marika have me convinced!

  2. Celine – You can taste my cupcakes anytime, baby! I could go into some really sophmoric humor with something about beaters…but I won’t.

    Liz – That is Mr. Fish’s motto in life, seriously đŸ™‚

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