Where have I been? In the garden…

DSC_0076wild hyascinthsDSC_0051DSC_0048DSC_0047DSC_0039
DSC_0021DSC_0011DSC_0010ma petite fleur à moirocherslesgorges

I’m trying to get some pictures organised to share with everyone!  In the mean time, here’s a sneaky peak at the garden, and our spring which while technically not over seems to have given way to summer since March.

18 thoughts on “Where have I been? In the garden…

  1. The photographs of the flowers and other plants are simply gorgeous. I just wish you would of labeled what they were. Just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing your lovely floral photos.

  2. Wow… those are beautiful photos of beautiful flowers! I am coveting your gardening skills. Care to come for a visit down to Australia and help me set mine up? 😉

  3. Oh how lovely! And what a treat to see you!!! I’m logged in as Rain, but it’s me – Jumbleberry Jam – at my new home (rainblissed dot wordpress dot com). Would love to catch up via email sometime (inannamama dot gmail).
    Springy hugs to you!!

  4. the snow just melted in our yard at the beginning of easter… some of our neighbours still have it piled high over their fences. Green is just returning, so i’ve been looking at your photos with longing lol

  5. Gorgeous garden photos! Can’t wait to see the progress of your garden over the next couple of seasons. My life has pretty much been taken over by time spent in my gardens, and it’s totally worth it. Last night, Nina got to pull up the first radish of the season. She won’t eat them, but boy oh boy was she excited to pull it up for me!

    • Radishes…ha! I didn’t bother plant any since I’m the only one who eats them around here… Gup is very excited for the cherry tomatoes & for Autumn when we’ll have broccoli growning – her favourite.

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