Vegan MoFo Day XXVII : Soja Sun Steaks de Soja or What to eat in France?


In my continuing series “What to eat in France?” I bring you today one of my favourite convenience foods…

Soja Sun is a brand name to remember if you’ll be heading to France any time soon – they make everything from veggie burgers to soy yoghurt.  We are all fans of everything they make, though they do make some non-vegan things so keep an eye out for the ingredients.

These are just good, honest and true tofu and veggie goodness.  Guppy likes them with mashed potatoes and peas, and I admit if I’m crunched for time  these come in very handy for a quick and nutritious lunch.  They are gluten-free and totally vegan, and so is the sauce that comes with them.  With only 140 calories each, they are very low in fat and have no trans fats, either.  There are lots of different flavours, too.

The best thing about the Soja Sun brand is that it’s very mainstream and you can find their products everywhere.  This is a big advantage, especially to tourists who need food on the fly, but don’t always know what to buy or where to find it.

Bon appétit!


Vegan MoFo Day XXIII : Bjorg Spreads “What to eat in France”

I receive a fair number of  emails and comments from many of my friendly readers asking for advice on what to eat in France.  Or what not to eat.  Or how to say “I don’t want to eat cheese” in French.  You get the picture.

I’m happy to say I’ve always responded individually to these inquiries, mostly because that’s just good manners, but also because as a joyful vegan, I’m more than happy to help out.  It can be intimidating when you don’t speak or read a language but want to eat yummy, healthy food.  I also know that some of you are too shy to ask, so I’m hoping to put a few product reviews up for you kids – we’ll call it the “What to eat in France” series.  Just to be clear, these are not sponsored posts, these are just things I like (or don’t like) to eat and you might like, too!

Today I bring you my favourite quick lunch or snack…

These are my favourite tartines – Wasa toasts with some Bjorg vegetable spread.

Wasa toasts aren’t French, they aren’t even Swedish anymore, but Italian, but they are still yummy.  Full of fibre, low in calories.  I slather them with one of these :

All-natural, all-organic and super yum.  Bjorg makes other flavours, but my two favourites are the terrine forestière and terrine aubergine, “Forest spread” and “Eggplant spread”.  They actually both taste pretty similar, and are made mostly of nutritional yeast and mushrooms, but also have onion, potato starch, garlic tomato purée, etc.  It’s thick and spreadable like peanut butter, and is considered a little stinky by some, but we don’t notice.  Guppy loves these spreads on bread or for a sandwich, so they are kid approved, too.

They come in 125g tins that need to be refrigerated after opening, but if you’re looking for a great quick lunch while visiting the sites just pick up a baguette and a tin of Bjorg spread and you’ll have a great lunch for about two adults.  Round it out with some fresh grapes or other easily-protable fruit from one of the many vendors you’ll see and you’ll be set.

Don’t forget to comment here for some chocolate if you’d like a little taste of France!

Bon appétit!