Fiber Arts Friday : My first scarf is done!

I’m happy to say that I was able to take advantage of a rather icky situation today and had the opportunity to finish my very first scarf.  I began working on this, my first real attempt at knitting, a few weeks ago, but never really had more than a few minutes to work on it.

Papa’s scarf, modeled by Guppy who is biting her lip to keep from laughing. Not at the scarf, just because I’ve wrapped her up like a baboucshka.

This is the most basic project there is I suppose : a scarf in point de mousse or knit stitch, but I feel really excited.  If I can do this, well, I do believe I can do other things.

Windycityvegan pointed me to this adorable beehive bonnet, and now I’m just yearning for circular needles so that I can make matching hats for Guppy, Monsieur Fish and I, because really, how crazy cute would we be then?

This is my first Fiber Arts Friday, a little something I stumbled upon over at Wisdom Begins In Wonder.  I do think that the term “fiber arts” is a bit extravagant for my little scarf (well, big, it’s over 2 meters as Monsier F didn’t wanted a custom job), but it’s fun to get my toes wet a bit with this knitting!