W.I.P. Wednesday Vegan MoFo Edition : Bags, totes & sacs – oh my!



It’s Vegan MoFo Day 17 (already!), and it’s W.I.P. Wednesday, so rather than  focusing on anything crafty I might be working on, I’m honoring Vegan MoFo  by featuring some of my favourite Vegan Etsy peeps.  When you make your purchases from Vegan Etsy sellers, you know you’re buying vegan, which is what we’re after.

Today’s first featured Vegan Etsy vendor is Vegancraftastic. So many cute things it’s crazy!  I’m partial to her bags, but she’s got much more than that.

I think this Wild Kingdom Christmas bag would be great for keeping my holiday knitting project W.I.P.s, don’t you?

I know, it’s not a bag – but this woodland dear pin set is so sweet.  She’s got lots of adorable pins and I want them all!

This next crafting vegan queen needs no introduction to most of you, after all she is the craft maker to the stars!  Kittee’s blog is a hoot, and her recipes keep my tummy happy, but dude!  Check out her Etsy Shop! Personally I’m in love with these Holly Hobby Goes Goth bags.

Holly Hobby can bring me next time she goes goth, just sayin’.  While you’re there, pick up a copy of Papa Tofu, because you know you want to!

Yes, please.

AltheaFae’s shop is our last stop today, and believe me, you’ll want to go visit!

This bag is so delicious I want to eat it right up!  This Ooak Freeform crochet embellished bag is going on my Christmas list, fo sho!  Just beautiful.

And what about this cute little purse?  It’s just the right size for a night on the town..or a quick run to the store to buy some flour to make delicious vegan cookies!   AltheaFae is mighty talented, and her work has a lovely feeling of whimsy.

Who is your favourite Vegan Etsy artist?  Please share!

Don’t forget to enter to win some yummy tea!  Drawing closes tomorrow.

Vegan MoFo Day X : W.I.P. Wednesday & Vegan Etsy



The Holiday Shopping Season is Vegan This Year

In honor of Vegan MoFo, our regularly scheduled W.I.P. Wednesday posts will focus on some of my favourite Vegan Etsy artists and vendors.  If you’d like to know a little more about the wonderful Vegan Etsy team and all they do, be sure and check out their blog, ok?  Please do!

Will you be purchasing gifts for friends and family this holiday season,?  Be sure you give a look-see at the beautiful creations by the Vegan Etsy Team on Etsy.  You can visit the Vegan Etsy Team Marketplace for a lovely showcase of their member shops, or do a “veganetsy team” search.  Use your hard earned money on vegan-friendly gifts made by vegans!

Here are a few of my favourite Vegan Etsy peeps!  Today’s theme will be keeping in touch, a fitting theme for these holidays that we so often spend far from our families and friends.  Let them know you care with these adorable cards…

I would just love to send my friends and family these gratitude notecards by Jodi and Dan of Thisisit Creations.

The use only eco-friendly materials and create the most lovely stationary, notebooks and other beautiful things.  You must go see their Dachshund Spiral Notebook because it’s the cutest thing ever.  Santa, you could put that in my stocking, non?

This is the cutest freaking little turtle I’ve ever seen!  I mean, he’s wearing a Christmas hat for pete’s sake!  Who is responsible for such adorability?  ChirpCards, that’s who!

And just who is ChirpCards you ask?  Why it’s my sweet friend and blogger Amy of Tahinitoo!  This multi-talented gal makes more than just beautiful Hazelnut Shortbread, she is a genuine artiste.  You can even buy a 5-Card Set so you could send a sweet, hand-crafted card to 5 of your favourite friends (or 4 of them, and me).

Those vegans!  They don’t kill animals, but they are killing me with cute!  Feel like a cutie-attack?  Go visit the My Zeotrope shop, but I’m warning you, you’re going to want to buy everything that Michelle has up for sale!  You can visit her blog, too!

Any cuter, and I would burst. And that would be messy.

Be sure and tune in next W.I.P. Wednesday for more Vegan Etsy super-stars!

And because this is W.I.P. Wednesday after all, go see fellow Wipster WindyCityVegan and her adorable daughter in the Owl Costume she made her for Halloween!  The cuteness!