The Story of Stuff, an introduction.

Sustainability and environmental concerns continue to be cited as “top priorities” by citizens and politicians all around the globe.  If you were to ask most people if they believe that everyone has a right to things like clean air, clean water and social justice, it’s almost certain that they will resoundingly respond in the affirmative. No one will tell you they think some people should only have access to filthy, polluted water, however, as the saying goes “talk is cheap”.

Money has a voice that carries across the planet, and the way individuals chose to use their purchasing power can approve of or condemn corporate practices.  I think we forget just how powerful our spending can be in shaping the way the world works.

Thanks to my friend Amy (aka Tahinitoo), I was recently introduced to The Story of Stuff Project.  American activist Annie Leonard has spent 10 years traveling around the world, tracking all our “stuff”, from production to disposal, and the news isn’t good.  However, Leonard is also quick to point out that nearly everything “wrong” could be changed in an instant, if only we would make it so.

Do you have 20 minutes? That’s all it takes to watch this humorous and incredibly informative video about, well, stuff. Trust me, you’ll laugh, smile and hopefully, think. It’s worth it.

There will be more “Stuff” videos to come, so stay tuned!