Thoughtful Fridays…Bad Religion

Hate is a simple manifestation

of a deep-seated self-directed frustration

all it does is promote fear and consternation

it’s the inability

to justify the enemy

and it fills us all with trepidation

From “Them & Us”,  Process of Belief.

Let’s just say I’m feeling a bit frustrated by all the folks using their powers for propogating the evil out there today… let’s use our powers for good, what do you say?

Rock out a little, if you will…it’s the weekend after all :

Thoughtful Fridays – Pour Ingrid Betancourt, Enfin Libre – Finally Free!

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“L’avenir s’ouvre, plein d’opportunités, je n’ai pas de fardeau du passé à porter.”

Ingrid Betancourt

(“The future is opening up before me, full of opportunities,

I don’t have the burden of my past to bare.” Ingrid Betancourt*)

Ingrid Betancourt was freed after 2324 days of captivity by the FARC in Colombia. 14 other hostages were freed as well. There are so many others, hostages and wrongfully imprisoned, who find an indescribable strength from within to survive their quotidien…such courage. You can read more about her liberation here ou bien ici et aussi ici (this can also be read in English).

* my translation

Thoughtful Fridays

The ever-so-talented Cassie of Bella Dia started a bit of a lovely trend a bit back called “Thoughtful Fridays” a chance to just share a picture and a favourite quote, and to meditate on the quotes of others. I’ve been telling myself I wanted to participate for weeks now, but finally remembered to write it down in my agenda and so, didn’t forget!

Without further ado…

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

John Wooden