On My Desk…

I really enjoy checking in with what I’m working on (or what I should be working on) at least once a week. Helps keep me “on task”. As a child “difficulty remaining on task” was often written in my academic file (yeah, that hasn’t so much changed).  I believe the pedagogues of the day failed to appreciate my multi-tasking nature…

Imagine my delight when I received this in the mail!


This is a rather fun and exciting project so I wanted to be sure to share with you! Tacha who bloggs at Hanies was looking for volunteers to test her new epattern, and I volunteered right away. She wields a needle with talent, and I have been devouring her posts on her various printing adventures (because I *so* want to take the plunge…but Santa needs to send me the screen printing kit!). And for you sporty-types out there, Tacha finished the NY Marathon in under 4 hours! So yeah, she’s cool.

Not only do I get to test her pattern, but she sent me everything I need to finish the project!


I’ll share the finished project soon! Maybe even by this weekend (let’s hope!).


On My Desk…


On my desk today…some holiday cheer. Oh, and my desk is also my sofa, because that’s where I’ve got my silly leg propped up.

I’ve got these almost finished upish. I’m trying to make enough ornaments to send to family & friends this year. These are so basic it’s a hair embarrassing, but here’s my ancient Chinese secret : just trace the inside of a star-shaped cookie or sandwich cutter, round the edges if you like. Me, I like. Give them a sophisticated (ahem) 2-dimensional look by whip stitching two stars together with some polyfill in the middle.

I know. Just call me Ms. Stewart.

Other players

On My Desk…

I’ve been enjoying watching what many of you cool hip artsy kids have been up to via kootoyoo’s On My Desk Wednesdays, so I thought I’d play along too (you know, so I could hang out with everyone).


A little dolly love for my new niece (well, maybe not just for her). I usually make two of something when I try a project for the first time. A prototype if you will.

I really wanted to make my own doll pattern. I did draft one a few weeks ago,  but wasn’t feeling very confident about the proportions. Since I’m not très riche en tissus (I don’t have a real fabric stash), I was nervous about cutting into what fabric I have. Then I came across this pattern created by Emily of A Black Apple (holy talent batman!). Since I need to get these sent to the United States ASAP, I’ve decided to lean on the talent of Emily. For now. 🙂

You can go see what everyone else is doing, too!