The incredible disappearing meatlessballs & Shower me with awards why don’t you!

I’ve recently been the happy recipient of a blog award! Lucky me! butterfly_award1

Jessica of Awesome. Vegan. Rad. and River of Wing It Vegan fame have both honored me with The Butterfly Award. I think both of these rather groovy chicas are the bee’s knees and always look forward to the amazing goodness on their blogs (like River’s donuts & Jessica’s brinner. Excuse me while I feel sorry for myself because I don’t have some of that deliciousness happening on my dinner table right now). Thank you both, because you make me feel all special and loved, and darn it, that’s cool!

Can I just say that I find this award hilarious because of its grammatical ineptitude? I’m serious. I love that it’s a bit whimsical yet silly, rather sweet yet imperfect. Reminds me a little bit of myself! I’m supposed to pass this on, but I’m not terribly good at such things, so here’s the deal – if you’re on my blogroll (see link love above) you are thusly nominated. I believe I’m to pass this on to 10 people, which means that I am nominating far too many people, but I have issues with a) maths, and b) rules. The thing is, if you’re on the roll, I totally dig you, so it’s sincere – and that being said, I lost many links during the re-design so please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or message if you notice yours is missing!

Now for those meatlessballs! A few weeks ago now the superadorablesweet Jessy of Happyveganface posted Dan’s Greenrice & Tempeh Meatlessballs. ( I’ll try to not make any sophomoric jokes, but it’s not easy.) As with many of Jessy’s recipes, it sounded like it should be made post-haste, and my friends, it was. These tempeh boulettes (meatballs) are really amazing – I was out of tahini when I made them so I subbed aprox. 2 tablespoons gluten flour to give them some grip, and it worked beautifully. These were so good that we were rather disappointed to not have another package of tempeh in the fridge to make some more the following day!

But no picture? What’s up with that? Well, I’ll tell you…Monsieur Fish rarely uses the camera, but he did, and luckily I had only a few pictures on it because he accidentally erased them all. I wasn’t going to blog about a meal sans photo, but this meal is really worth mentioning! You’ll get some eye candy when you go to Jessy’s blog for the recipe!

Memes, An Award & Some Lovely Giveaways

Check out these beautiful giveaways!


The marvelously talented Hanna is giving away a Collage Pack, filled with beautiful vintage pages from Sweden. Hanna’s blog is so inspiring, I can hardly keep myself from stopping everything and art journaling  (or I guess I should say beginning an art journal) whenever I read what she and her crafty mum have been up to! Visit her Etsy shoppe if you want some fantastic gift ideas (I love everything!). All you have to do is head over there and leave her a comment! Easy Peasy!


Modish is having a gihugic (totally a word) giveaway, too! Same thing kids, just go over and leave a comment! How easy is that? I am drooling over this stuff!


And you can try your luck over at Old Red Barn where you could win yourself one of three gorgeous quilts! Just what we need to keep us warm and to throw over the un-made bed to hide the mess!

Look what the lovely Miss Marie gave me :


This is my second Brilliante Award, so does this mean I’m extra-brillante? (I think they make cremes for that…).

I’ve recently been tagged for two fun memes by Allularpunk and HoneyB. I am here to say that I will not flake on these memes – and you my dear readers will hold me accountable! I will get to them pronto!

And yes, I have again changed my blog’s look. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis I think. I wish I was all HTML savvy and could just create my own look! Can’t I just embroider one? Tee hee.

Awards & Recognition

The lovely and creative Jennifer of Small Space Sweets has kindly nominated me for the Brillante Blog Award – merci beaucoup, Jennifer! This is really adorable, and I’m honored that my blog gets to have a sweet little award banner! Do I get to put this on my CV? Just asking. I could put it under “Special Awards” or something like that…

I sat on this for a little while because I think it’s really very difficult passing on an award like this. Nearly every time I sit down to read my preferred blogs, I add someone new, and my reader is a bit like the waistline of the average American – growing bigger every day! I am thrilled to belong to this vast and beautiful vegan blogging community, and it’s difficult to not give the award to everyone whose blog I love (not to mention there are many people who don’t like to play along – which I understand – or who have already been nominated).

So here’s how we play, kids :

First, the lovely award –

Next, another heartfelt thank you to Jennifer, who nominated me for this “sweet” honor.

And here are my nominees, in no particular order at all :

Alice of Alice in Veganland because despite her grueling schedule, she still manages yummy posts.

A-K of Swell Vegan for her beautiful photography, and most recently her detailed posts detailing her raw experience.

Celine of Have Cake Will Travel because we’re getting married some day and you are all invited.

Amy of Vegan Addict because her posts are so fun and tasty.

Avry Yale Kamila of Commune Tested, City Approved for sharing her vegan slice of life posts with style.

Monica our Rural Vegan because her posts always make me hungry (and smile).

Our lovely Texas Vegan of eat’n veg’n who rocks gluten-free veganism, and is probably the coolest vegan mom in Texas!

I need to go share the fun news with my nominees… and get outside, it’s beautiful today!