W.I.P Wednesday : Betty Bunny


Today, when I woke up I was certain it was Tuesday. Which it is obviously not.

This is because I’m jet-lagged, but I haven’t gone anywhere at all, which seems most unfair, really. I should at least have gotten a little voyage out of it or something. After being on cortisone and honestly not sleeping, I have crashed, re-found the fatigue, and am totally disoriented. How funny is that. Luckily, I’m on vacation this week, so I didn’t miss any key events (like work or Guppy’s school).

I actually thought it was pretty funny.

And funny rimes with bunny! Betty Bunny, to be exact.


I found myself on Saturday afternoon still bunny-less. I’d managed to print the pattern for this one (that I really wanted to make but had way too many steps for sneakage), but was alone with Guppy because Monsieur Fish was off being a rock-star. This made things a hair complicated because I couldn’t very well sew it in front of her. Huh.

I improvised. We spread out paper and crayons for a massive drawing fest on the dining room table, and I began drafting the most embarrassingly-obviously-easy softie pattern ever made by a human, Betty Bunny.

I basically drew 3 different tube-shapes of different lengths for ears, legs & arms, and then her head and body. I embroidered her face while Guppy taught her dinos how to swim during her bath (they are quick to learn, let me tell you), and managed to cut out the fabric while she spent a little time on Sesame Street after her dinner (thank you Elmo, Zoé & Rosita). Once she was in bed, all I had left to do was stitch & assemble, and everything came together so easily I was feeling a little bit smug when Monsieur Fish came in and everything was all ready.

I do account my productivity to the cortisone, because while it is a vile and evil and will make you think you’re in another time zone, it does get you rocking in the productivity department. Mad productivity.

I’m really happy with Betty, especially her face. This is such a lame-o picture, her face really looks so cute! I knew I wanted a brown bunny, and had some great corduroy scraps to use, but wasn’t sure how to get a lovely face on that dark colour. I’d have rathered a scalloped edge to a crimped one, but I don’t have the cutting skillz required to do that (or the shears). Next time. I also think that I’ll make some much fatter ears because they look a little more like antennae than I’d like, but all in all, a fairly successful first no-pattern sewing project.


Have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too. There are some really beautiful things up and it’s so fun to check them all out!

W.I.P. Wednesday – One busy bunny!


With only three weeks left until les grandes vacances or summer vacation, things are a wee bit crazy. Trying to wrap up this year, and prepare for summer workshops, get together appreciation gifts and just the general craziness of life is upon me. I’m so affected by the weather, and with it raining every day for what seems like an eternity doesn’t help.* Seems like when the sun is shining and it’s warm I’m twice as productive…are your batteries solar powered, too?

Remember when I drafted this pattern for Betty Bunny? Guppy brought Betty to school as her nap-time doudou, and her teacher loved it! She asked me where I bought it because she wanted one for her daughter; feeling thrilled, incredulous and blushing, I admitted that I had made the stuffed animal myself. Her teacher continued to gush, and said more than once that she would love to have a bunny like that for her little girl, but because of my inability to sell myself, that was the end of the conversation.

Bunny Face

Monsieur Fish scolded me when I related the story, asking me why on earth I didn’t offer to make one for Guppy’s Teacher (known here on in as GT) and sell it to her. I wanted to, but this was indeed the first time this had happened to me and I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to offer to make her one, but didn’t know how much to charge, honestly. I’d not payed attention to how much time it took me, and had no idea how to add up the cost of materials, etc.

W.I.P. Bunnies...

I let a few weeks past, but every time I saw that bunny I would inwardly cringe. I didn’t want to let an opportunity pass me by, but wasn’t sure how to approach it, so I made a bit of a compromise. The next time I saw GT I nonchalantly said that if she had some fabric that she liked, I could make a bunny for her. I reasoned that since I wasn’t sure about charging her, if she supplied the fabric, then I could chalk up the labour as some free advertising for potential future bunnies. The only problem? She loved the brown corduroy I used and wanted that. Sigh.

New lapinou

In the end, she brought me about 2 meters of fabric she’d chosen for the bunny’s body, and I told her I would try to scrape up enough corduroy to do the rest (knowing I didn’t have much left). She loved it, and it really gave me some confidence as to my sewing skills, because I can see that possibly opening an Etsy shop next year could be a reality. I still have tons of work to do researching how to do pricing, etc., but it’s a good feeling.

new lapinou...

This is the one I gave to GT. The “in progress” bunnies above are still not finished, but I would like to get them done before my mojo is gone. I need to raid my stash to find fabric for their arms and legs as my brown corduroy is gone…I’d also like to make some less girly ones…so much I want to do!

Have you managed to get any lingering W.I.P.s finished up? Whatever your works-in-progress, have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too.


*Ever since the canicule (heat wave) we had here in 2003, the weather has just been haywire. Even the summer of 2004 was more normal, with bright sunny skies for most of June, July, August and the beginning of September. Now, it just seems to rain all the time. Thanks global warming.

W.I.P. Wednesday (on Thursday) : Easter Projects

A day late, but not short on crafty ideas in this week’s installment of W.I.P. Wednesday.

I can’t believe Easter is just around the corner.  At our house Easter is celebrated as marking the Spring Solstice and the promise of new life and new beginnings.  Vegan chocolate a plenty in the baskets, and usually some bunny love for our daughter, Guppy.

This year I’m much busier with work that I have been in years past, but I don’t want that to get in the way of my making something special for the baskets this year. Last year’s bunny is still one of her favourites, and I’ve since made a few for other people. She also still plays with these bunnies from two years ago, one of my first attempts at sewing anything, especially a toy.

Inspiration abounds on the Internet, and these projects featured on The Purl Bee have really caught my attention. I’m not sure which I’ll have time to put together, but I thought I’d share my “Project To-Do” list with you. The following photos are all from the The Purl Bee site, and they’ll lead you to the project posts.

These Bunny Finger Puppets are just adorable! I love that they’re quick and small, just like a bunny I guess.  I’ve still got some vegan felt left, so I’ve no excuses.

These Best Bunnies would be just perfect for my 1.5 year-old niece. With its reversible/double face, it’s like having two bunnies in one. This would be a great project to use up  bits from other sewing ventures as well.  Start here with Materials and Notes if you’d like to make one, and follow the links to complete your bunny.

Have you got any Easter projects you’d like to share? Ideas are always more than welcome, just leave a link in the comments section.

We would love to see what you’re up to!  Snap a shot of your  “in progress” masterpiece and add it to the  W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool. Whatever your works-in-progress, have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are working on.