W.I.P. Wednesday : Finishing Up Scarves…

A short post to show you what projects I’m trying to finish up…

a bit girly, non?

This one came together really quickly, but I had just a bit more to add to make it long enough.  I have this thing with short scarves, I don’t know what it is, but they drive me crazy.  If it’s not long enough for me to wrap it around my neck at least once with one end over each shoulder, it’s just too short.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this scarf since I started it back in October.  I love the super-soft baby weight acrylic yarn, it’s like a little puffy cloud of sweetness.  I bought a big bag of 6 skeins when it was on clearance last year, and I now wish I’d have bought more it’s so lovely.

Can you see the mistake?

Anyway, the yarn is fantastic, but it’s so thin, and using the 4mm needles does take a long time.  The other frustration was when the needles were pulled out – much harder to slip them back in than when using 8s or 10s!  I’ve put it away twice to do other things, but need to get it done as it was supposed to be a holiday gift for one of my nieces, but is obviously still not ready.  I hope to finish it up by this weekend.

Do you have trouble finishing up your started and almost done projects?  It’s so funny, but the closer I am to completing the craft, the slower going it seems to be.  Must be because the challenge is over…



19 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : Finishing Up Scarves…

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  3. I have a WIP that’s almost finished but won’t be in the foreseeable future. Why? Well, that pair of socks that I’ve knit a while ago then set aside before weaving in the ends, it has gone into hiding! Seriously, I can’t find them anywhere! How silly is that? Me = sillyfish. 🙂

  4. I’m just now teaching myself how to knit. I am perpetually starting projects and not finishing them. I’m really good at it! For now, my knitting projects will be small: dish cloths.

    • You can do it! Seriously, it’s not that hard…I just needed to find someone who knows how to show me (visual learner). I hope you find someone to show you how to make some mittens!

  5. That acrylic yarn looks so soft and pretty!

    I have this project that’s been sitting in my closet for almost a year LOL I needed a couple of buttons to complete it, and went out to look for suitable ones. I found buttons but couldn’t go back to the project! Oh and there’s this pair of socks I couldn’t make the 2nd sock and ended up undoing it…(list goes on:)) Blogging helps finishing my projects though!

  6. Did you realize that your pattern is the one I used to make scarves for you and your sisters …never long enough…when you were little? I even used it to make baby afghans. When I saw the pink, it looked like it belonged in my knitting bag. Puts me in the mood to make a scarf, which I haven’t done in a long time. Love you, Mamafish

  7. I had a sweater that took about 10 years to make. I only worked on it during the summer — and obviously, not too often. 😀 I do much better with bulky yarn and big needles or, preferably, a crochet hook. Your scarves look so soft and pretty — you should finish them so they can be enjoyed!

  8. I don’t usually have trouble finishing due to the project–usually it’s that I get interested in something new and end up putting the wip aside for later.

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