The Long Run…

I know many of you used to follow my training blog, Sportyfish.  After the horrible-accident-of-footbreaking-doom, the poor little training blog was ignored, but the time has come to suck it up and re-inspire/support vegan athletes!

Double posting hurts my brain, so here’s the link to this week’s The Long Run post.

3 thoughts on “The Long Run…

  1. hey, i just read your post! i think i found you right after the foot debacle because i vaguely remember you posting about your foot recovery.

    either way, congrats on climbing back up the mountain. i, too, suffered some injuries (two car wrecks) in the months prior to my first 10k. i’m just now turning the corner and hope to do a 5k at the end of january. it’s all about getting back in the saddle, right!?

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