W.I.P. Wednesday on Thursday & We have our winners!

The lack of light has been reeking havoc on my photos, and I know many of you can relate.  I had a great post prepared for making holiday ornaments and decorations, but didn’t get to shoot it properly, so that’ll be for next week, and hopefully on Wednesday.  Whatevers.

I’ve blogged about these ridiculously easy felt ornaments before.  You just use your favourite cookie cutter (or anything) and use it to trace your desired shape onto your chosen fabric and sew it up.  Tah-da!

But you don’t so much care about that – you want the winners!  I’m not offended and totally understand.

The winner for the chocolate bar post was number 5, and for the tea it was 20.  You’ll just have to believe me folks, I still don’t know how to take a still of the random number thingy.

Jojo of Vegan In Brighton will be sent some a dark chocolate with quinoa (so good!) and Fanny from Vegan Up North is getting some tea.  Which kind? I’ll decide!  Ladies, would you be so kind as to email me at fishbowlmusings (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get your goodies off to you soon.


7 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday on Thursday & We have our winners!

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  2. Congratulations to the winners!

    Your decorations are so cute and look professional. 🙂 You make them sound so easy, but the part “just sew it up” is where my project would end. I’m absolutely hopeless with needles or anything requiring thread of any kind (it’s probably a good thing I didn’t become a surgeon, after all?).

  3. Aww how cute! I hate this winter light too, and my flash has been driving me nuts. I love making my own decorations but its been so long that I’ve stayed in one place over the holidays… maybe next year.

  4. congrats to the winners!

    i never would have thought to use a cookie cutter for anything other than cookies. brilliant, Shelly! the lack o’ light in the evenings is making me sadfaced. my foods look all crappy and my dogs don’t care for the fact that they’re walk’n around in the dark a lot more, too. bummersauce. i cannot wait for next week’s W.I.P post though! as you say, yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. I’m excited for next week’s post! I hate the idea of buying decorations for my apartment, so I’ve been getting creative with what I have. But I’m always in the market for crafty decoration inspiration! 🙂

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