Vegan MoFo Day XIII : The Recipe Index!

Look what’s coming up all around our garden! We had a crop of them appear (rather unexpectedly) mid-October, and now there are others pushing up through the newly fallen leaves.  I love happy surprises.

No recipes for you today kids (that’s for tomorrow), but I’ve finally gotten around to putting together a Recipe page (at the top, see?).  This was a MoFo promise to myself, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting it together for you.  I know I’ve missed a few, but I’ll add them as I find them.  Who knew I’d amassed so many recipes? (40)!  There will be many more coming this month so hold on to your oven mitts and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day XIII : The Recipe Index!

  1. Congratulations on keeping your MoFo promise to yourself! That must feel really good. I can’t wait to look through your recipe list and then make something from it. Maybe ganache? 😉

  2. Yay for the recipe index! The one recipe I’ve made and loved that’s missing from it is your vegan frangipane – I know where to find it again, but others might appreciate discovering this delight!

    Crocuses in November… sweet! That reminds me of the first time I went to Paris and found irises blooming in January – that was a shock!

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