Vegan MoFo Day XII : Tea for two, and two will get tea! (a giveaway!)

Since we’ve moved across the country, I’ve found all sorts of wonderful new and local yummy  favourite things.  Like this tea.

Le Temps des Cerises is a local company that I am falling in love with for their original flavoured coffees and teas.  Today it’s about tea!  My two prefered teas are (so far) are their number 2 La Javanaise and number 4 La Vie en Rose.  They are green teas and they are both delicate and delightful all at the same time!  The teas are also named after famous songs, which I find really cute.

La Javanaise is a gentle combination flavours : berries, lime and vanilla.  Why didn’t I think of that combination myself?  It of course smells so wonderful, and it’s got a lovely, lively taste.

La Vie en Rose is jasmine, raspberries and grapefruit and it’s a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up with that citrus pizzaz.  It’s not bitter at all, and  the grapefruit taste is really complimentary to the mellow jasmine.

Who wants some tea?  This giveaway is open to everyone.  Just leave a comment on this post before next Friday’s giveaway (so before midnight on November 18th France time).  I’ll pick two winners – just be sure and let me know which flavour you’d rather have!

Sam says : “Relax, it’s the weekend.”


*This isn’t a sponsored post – Le Temps des Cerises doesn’t even know I exist!  I just want to share yummy tea to celebrate Vegan MoFo!

27 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day XII : Tea for two, and two will get tea! (a giveaway!)

  1. Those two teas sound fantastic, both of them. I love tea. I drink it everyday probably more then just plain water. Tea is just so soothing even more so in the colder months. If I had to choose what one of those teas sounds best I would have to go with La Javanaise. Lime, berries, and vanilla in a tea? that just sounds perfect.

  2. I’m not a tea drinker, so please move on the next person if I happen to win. I just had to say that I chuckled at your disclaimer about the tea manufacturer not even knowing you exist! I imagine word will get back to them soon enough and they will be incredibly grateful for the mad props you’re giving them!

  3. Holy yum, these sound amazing. I drink tea at work every day, both caffeinated and herbal. Often I have two cups a day when it is really cold! It is so relaxing. If I had to choose, I would choose La Javanaise as fruit, citrus and vanilla sound delightful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Oh, Le Temps des Cerises! How fun to find them here! I’ve had the chance to taste one of their teas, as I have a friend in Montreal who’s from southwest France, and her mom (I think) had sent her some tea from them. I can’t remember which flavor it was, but I remember it was delicious! I’d love to have some for myself! I have no clue how I’d ever be able to choose between those two, though: they both sound lovely… I might have to tell you to surprise me!

  5. Sam is such a goofy dog! He certainly looks all set for a laid-back weekend!

    Oh, how I love tea… Sometimes I think it’s the only thing keeping me sane! These two varieties sound delicious, and their names are just lovely.

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