Vegan MoFo IV !

Unless you’ve been living under a vegan rock or something, you’re surely aware that Vegan MoFo IV is nearly upon us. This year November is the month to be rocking out your MoFo posts, spreading the word that vegan is mainstream, delicious and easy to do. Yes you can!

For you newbies, the MoFo squad has all the answers (ie: What is Vegan MoFo?) but basically, MoFo means blogging as much as you possibly can about all things vegan. It can be about anything, not just recipes – think : favourite vegan clothing, restaurants, cookbooks, blogs, kitchen gadgets, crafts…you get the idea!

Would you like to be an official MoFo member with all its benefits and privileges? Well then, head on over to the Official MoFo Sign-Up Form and get yourself legitimized. You’ll be added to the MoFo Blogroll, yes sir! Rolling with the big kids now, eh? There are even going to be mad contests and MoFo events, or at least that’s what the rumor is. I’m so excited, you are too, I can tell!