Life is good in southwestern France.

Hello! I’ve really missed you all! Ok, maybe not you, unshaven random stranger reading this post at 3 a.m. in your pj’s, but the rest of you, yes! Thank you so much for all your sweet emails and Tweets – I loved knowing you were thinking of me, as I was thinking of you! You know it’s time to blog again when your mother (aka Mamma Fish) begins “poking” you about it! (She wasn’t the only one  – you know who you are!)

As most of you know, we’ve moved across the country to the bucolic southwest where the weather is just amazing, and the people are even more chalereux than the temperature! This would explain my not spending time blogging and my playing outside, n’est-ce pas?

Yummies from kind neighbour’s garden.

The weather is still gorgeous (30°s/80°s, sunshine) but it’ll be soon time for me to get the vegetable garden plot ready. We arrived too late in the season to really plant much, though I did get some yummy tomatoes in. And figs! And grapes!

Look at those grapes! Can you see the spider web? Special effects for Halloween! A few weeks ago I was dropping a few things in the composter when I noticed something growing in the hedges – Green Grapes!  After a bit of scooby-dooing I found loads of bunches, and decided to ask our neighbours if they knew why we had grapes growing through the thick, 2 meter-high shrubbery.

Turns out our home and garden are on what used to be acres of vineyards. Now, why the original owners decided to tear up all the vines is beyond me, but the desire to live despite all odds seems not to be simply relegated to the animal kingdom as these vines yielded over 2kg of grapes. Amazing.

Long story short, I am so happy to be here, and so very thankful for my little family. There’s lots of fun, exciting stuff coming soon – hey, like Halloween. You know I love Halloween! I hope you’re all great and I can’t wait to read about your adventures now that I’m back on the grid. Bisous!


18 thoughts on “Life is good in southwestern France.

  1. I sure wish we had all that produce in our yard, and so does your vegetarian brother. You didn’t tell me about the grapes! What a surprise. I can see by all the comments that you were missed. Also, how cool, Maryea is reading your blog. Remember when you lost her in her house when you were babysitting for her?? Love you, Mamafish

  2. So glad the move went well and that you are enjoying the new space so much! And your very own grapes too!!! Can’t beat anything more than that I think!

    Good to hear from you on the blog world.

  3. Yay! I missed you! So glad I peeked at my reader before going to bed. Will you shoot me an email when you have a chance? I have a question for you….

    Smooches to you and the Gup!

  4. YAY! You came back! I’m glad all the poking worked… who would do that though, it’s so rude! 😛

    Awesome grapeage! I can’t believe your house used to be a vineyard, that is so cool! And judging by your kind neighbour’s garden gift, it looks like your vegetable garden is going to be awesome next year!

    PS: YAY! You’re back! 🙂

  5. So glad you’re back here! And what a stunning place you live in now–I think it would be hard to find time to blog when you have all of THAT going on outside (30C–I am about to cry over here). Enjoy the neighbors and wonderful local produce and sunshine! (But do come back here once in a while). 😉

  6. It’s so nice to see you back here! And it’s lovely to see those grapes we talked about on Twitter. Sounds like life in Southwestern France is really good indeed. Can’t wait to go and see for myself – though, you know, the truth is that I can’t wait to see you again!

  7. Ciao Cara ! it is so good to see you here again !! Wonderful grapes and it looks table more than wine grape (?) must be very good ! I’m really so happy ! baci

  8. Those grapes look like the ones my uncle has in his garden. You know, much snmaller than the ones you can buy at the stores but so much better!
    Thank you for your awesome email, I’ll answer it on Sunday because I am behind on a thousand things, too.

  9. Welcome back, dearie! Glad you made it back in time to MoFo. 😀 I am soooo jealous of your grapes! We planted our first vine of concords and got five or six nice bunches before the drought hit; planting a couple of additional varieties in 2011.

    • Hi My Dears!!! I so missed you!

      I most definitely want to plan another vine – and berries, too. Going to local greenhouse I think tomorrow for suggestions. Wee! Grapes.

  10. Oh it’s so good to have you back! And those grapes–how beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more about Southern France through your experiences!

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