See you in August! Time for a Techo-Cleanse.

Hi Kids!

We are now officially in the new house! I’m so excited it’s just ridiculous.  I spent 2 hours mowing the lawn, and another two pruning trees and cutting away branches to make room for some berry bushes.  We’re having the most amazing, hot and sunny weather (it’s been averaging 34° for the past three days, hotter tomorrow) and I just can’t manage to stay inside and get things done.

For Guppy this is heaven on earth.  Just before bed I found her on the balcony just gazing at the back garden.  I asked her what she was doing, and she responded wistfully, “I’m just checking to see if everything is still ok out there.”  She also asked me if our garden would be closed on Sundays, like the municipal park we used to go to play.

I am not happy about coming in to unpack more boxes. No, sir.  I know I won’t be planting anything until most everything is unpacked, or at least until a decent path through said boxes can be created.  If it were up to me (which it’s not) I would be doing everything I could possibly do in the garden and unpack on rainy days. We’re bound to have some rain, right?

Because of Internet carrier issues, phone line changes, and other random and annoying things I’ll be off the grid until August.  I’m thinking a 30-day fast from the net might actually be a good thing.  I believe we’ll be calling this a “techno cleanse”.  Sounds so much sexier than simply not having Internet!  My figs will be ripe in two weeks (Gasp! Flutter! Scream!) and I promise to snap up some pictures of that action.

So until then my friends, have a wonderful July, and I’ll see you in August!