Vegan Meal Plan Monday & the new garden!

Things are getting rather busy here at the Fish Household as our big move is fast approaching.  We will be leaving the Ile-de-France area and heading for the south-west in just a few short weeks, and that means so much planning and packing.  My computer time has been greatly reduced, but I want to try to get a few more posts in before it’s time to go. This is also probably one of my last weeks testing for Celine & Joni as the kitchen is slowly being packed into boxes…so this week is really dedicated to them!

Monday : Tarte à la tomate et à la moutarde (savory tomato and mustard pie) served with a big green salad.  This incredibly easy and quick recipe is a go-to solution when you need a quick dinner (or when your garden is just bursting with tomatoes).  Hoping I get the time to get the recipe up.

Tuesday : Patatas Bravas Frittata, a tester for Celine. Rather excited about this one.

Wednesday : Savory Cheesecake with quiche-like tendencies, also a tester.  Also served with a huge green salad.

Thursday : Hopefully left-overs, and also planning on baking some Scarborough Fair Buns (yes, a tester).

Friday : Crispy Pepperoni Bites, a mini-pizza-type of deal. I’ll be making this for the “lunch crew”, meaning Guppy and her friends as I have them every other Friday for lunch.

Saturday : Cheeseburger Deep-Dish Pie, also a tester.  I ‘m not sure if we’ll be able to wait until Saturday because this one just looks so good!

As I’ve mentioned at least a hundred times, I’m so excited about having a large yard (front and back) at our new house. I am going to be a gardening fool, planting everywhere and anywhere the sun will allow.  The new garden is rather shady, and I want to try to work with the trees that are there, though I know that in the long run some will need to be trimmed or cut.  It’s not just so that I can have a garden, but also because some of them are not at all native to the region and are very thirsty.

Here are a few shots of our new garden, not terribly clear as they were taking with Monsieur F’s phone on his trip down there earlier this month, but I’m so excited to share them with you!

Look! I have a green house! Picture little sprouts getting ready for the world…

One view…

This is to the left of the prior shot.

Yet again, to the left of the previous two.

I know it looks rather green, but it’s because Monsieur Fish took these right after a rainshower.  I haven’t got any of the side of the house, which is where I hope to put lots of veggies because it’s got sun exposure most of the day and is close to the outdoor water supply.

I’ve already found one or two good gardening/home gardner-type sites, but if you have any suggestions or favourites, do let me know! I’m so excited about growing my own food!


23 thoughts on “Vegan Meal Plan Monday & the new garden!

  1. So exciting about the move and the garden! I bet you cannot WAIT. Hope it goes smoothly! 🙂

    Your list of recipes sounds fantastic. I wish I were still able to test for them, too! Celine and Joni’s recipes are the BOMB!

  2. The meal plan is so yummy!
    The garden and the green house are spectacular 🙂
    So happy for you and this huge gardening adventure!

  3. I’ve also been in apartments since I was 18. We have a lot of land where we live now, but I’m glad I got used to apartment living because I think our last apartment in Chicago was about the same square footage as our house! (Granted, it was pretty big for a two-bedroom city apartment. But still.) There’s just something so lovely about living in a 5-room house, though. My kitchen’s huge, which makes it totally worth it.

    Two growing seasons means you get to plan all kinds of fun stuff like cover cropping and over-wintering certain foods…I can’t wait to hear about your gardening adventures!

  4. How many acres do you have? Your grounds look very similar to mine – we have 14.78 acres, including a pond. One thing I don’t have, though, is a greenhouse. I’m so jealous!! Did you put it up yourselves, or did it come with the property? I have a makeshift cold frame, but hope to build a nice, simple greenhouse later this year.

    As for gardening websites, I love You Grow Girl, which is geared towards urban container gardening but definitely applies to the full spectrum of gardening. The site Bonzai Aphrodite is great, too – she covers more than gardening, but has great ideas. Also, you should try to find a gardening blog/website that is specific to your growing zone.

    • You have a pond!!?!! Wow! It’s not actually that big – but really big for a yard I guess. It’s about 1000sq meters, not sure how may feet that makes. It’s pretty big for me (living in apartments since I was 18). There is a small side yard on both sides of the house, too. The green house was built by the previous owners (well, previous to the previous owner, my MIL). I’m super excited about having it! We’re moving to the tomato & strawberry capital of France, so I’ll be growing lots of those!
      Thanks so much for the great links! I know I need to find a zone-specific site – it’s pretty temperate, pretty sure I’ll have 2 growing seasons!

  5. i’m so jealousfaced of all the awesome green in your soon to be yard, Shelly! you will totally be a gardening fool – i love it! i got out and gardened a bit this weekend, always makes me so happyfaced ’cause it’s just so relaxing and i can really zone out. i’m really digging your meal plan, and i would soooo love the recipe for your savory tomato and mustard pie – i’m gonna have to check back for it, fo ‘sho. the cheeseburger deep dish pie also sounds really awesome. what a delicious week you’ll all be having!

  6. Wow! That’s hugely different to where you are now! No need to live by a castle anymore to be able to enjoy a garden. 🙂 I’m really happy for you (and am looking forward to paying you a visit!).

    • @cheryl I know! I’m still not letting myself get as excited as I wish, not until we’re really there!

      @Natalia I’m guessing we’ll be there for a very long time. I can’t imagine staying there for the rest of my life, because I don’t think I’ve ever been in one place for very long. As long as we’d like? Good question.

      @kimianak tu es toujours la bienvenue! En plus, il y a mme des chambres d’amis!

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