Vegan Meal Plan Monday – How do you plan?

I received an email from one of my sisters today asking for help in coming up with new weekly meals and eats as she also does a meal plan.  My suggestions were to:

a) Check out blogs with meal plans, or just visit food blogs in general.  Seeing and reading about something helps me decide if I’d like to try it or not.

b) Try a new food a week.  This often gives birth to new dishes to try, and new ways of cooking, too.  Be it a new vegetable, grain or fruit, trying something new (and hopefully seasonal) offers your body some nutritional variety and your tastebuds a bit of a night on the town.

c) Buy/borrow a new cookbook.  When I get a new cookbook it becomes serious reading material for me.  I devour it as if it were fine literature, pouring over the pages and reading the recipes in detail.  I find this to be a wonderful way to give new foods or preparations a try, keeping things from becoming boring.

Do you have any hints or tips to share?  I’d love to know how you decide what you’ll be eating each week.

Chorizo Lasagna* enjoyed a few plans ago…

I admit my meal planning has been pretty easy of late as I’ve been recipe-testing up a storm.  It’s so fun to head over to the testing site and decide what sounds good.  (As always, the Celine & Joni test recipes are followed by an *).

Monday : Brussels Sprouts Chestnut Pot Pie* and greens.

Tuesday : Falafel* served with Coriander Pita Bread*.

Wednesday : Peanutbutter Pretzels*, left-overs served with a side of greens.

Thursday : Hummus in a bowl* with homefries.

Friday : Pizza Night!

Weekend Eats : Homemade waffles, probably from VWAV.

Pesto Pizza with homemade vegan cheese*.  That red stuff would be hot sauce.

Monsieur Fish is heading to the new house this week to drop off a car-load of boxes, take care of administrative stuff, and hopefully he’ll snap a few pictures so I can share with you. I’m spending most of my “imagination time” dreaming about the garden, what I’ll be able to plant once we arrive, and what we’ll plant next year…

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