W.I.P. Wednesday : Fun with painting (please don’t laugh).


My two months of summer holiday are nearly over, and my list of projects/ideas has been about as neglected as my tan line this year. My big list for 2009 needs tending to, especially because there are only a few months left this year!

One of my desires for 2009 was to begin painting, meaning to start learning how to paint. I was able to purchase a few supplies, and soon-to-be-mamma Maria Rose (who blogs at Little Things Are Big) created two painting lessons for me (Lesson Number 1 is HERE and Lesson Number 2 is HERE.) I was so excited, motivated to begin…but stuff kept getting in the way.

The other day Guppy asked to paint after her nap, which she often does, so I broke out her ganache and watercolour paints for her, as I often do. She started painting, and I began the dishes.

And it hit me that something was really wrong with this picture.

The dishes aren’t going anywhere, and I don’t care if they stack up, really. I mean, who freaking cares!?!

So I sat down next to Guppy, and decided to paint. But paint what?

How about this :


Three Sunflowers in a Vase, Vincent Van Gogh

We have many Van Gogh prints hanging about the apartment, and this one is right over the kitchen table (where we were set up), so I decided to use it as my model. Being a good student, I recalled Maria Rose’s lessons and knew I needed to first sketch the painting, which I did rather quickly onto a piece of paper.

I set to work, and here is what I have to show for an hour of drawing & painting :

Silly Painting

Please don’t judge me too harshly – I’ve never, ever painted anything before. Except fences, houses and a few bedrooms.

My painting is obviously pretty different, but I knew it would have to be from the get-go. Since my decision was so spontaneous I didn’t fetch my materials, and decided to just share with Guppy (or she shared with me, whatever) who had a very limited supply of ganache in primary colours : nearly no yellow at all, almost no white…you get the point. I just decided to be inspired by the original, did my best to sketch it, and decided to make the background blue and the flowers more orangy because necessity is the mother of invention.

So there you go. My first painting.

Ta da!

Now I’m going to try and re-watch my painting lessons and hopefully not wait so long until I give this another go! It was really relaxing, and it really helped me be in the present moment – I couldn’t do anything but be in the now, to concentrate on where I was and what I was doing, which is as it should be.

Don’t forget to stop by WIPster central to see what everyone is up to, and be inspired by all the creativity found on the W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool. There are new members joining every week – welcome!


20 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : Fun with painting (please don’t laugh).

  1. You are brave and bold like your Grandma Rita, who didn’t start painting till she was in her 40’s, and was quite amazing. I’m impressed. I like the earmuffs idea…look for some in your Christmas pkg.

  2. Congrats on finishing your first! Haha, at first I thought the top picture you posted was your rendition of the painting and I thought you were a painting idiot savant!

  3. impressive lady… so impressive that I want you to start wearing ear muffs to protect your earballs from slicing… 🙂

  4. Shelly–I love your painting!! And I love that you stopped doing the dishes and sat down to paint. I gotta follow your good example. I have yet to break out my sewing machine this summer..too busy doing dishes? Probably!

  5. I think it’s awesome. It’s way better than I could do, I’m rubbish at drawing / painting. My brother got those skills, I was better with musical instruments. Even though I can’t play any now. Hahaha fail!

  6. I love your painting! I love that you decided to stop doing the dishes and paint even more. You should definitely keep painting, especially since you seem to enjoy it!

  7. Wow! This is your first painting, you did it in one hour, and with whatever was on hand? You’re clearly off to a good start! Now, imagine what you’ll do with your supplies and some practice…
    The being-in-the-moment that you experienced is a nice bonus. Another one: I’m sure Guppy will love to have you painting with her more often.
    I’ll have to check out the lessons Maria Rose kindly made for you – it may help me get some creative juice flowing…

  8. YAY! You did really well (especially for a first time). I love the long brush strokes of the vase. I have some oil paints that i never use (cause I like water colour best) that you are welcome to have if you want them.

  9. i don’t know that i would have stopped doing dishes to do something fun (because i just get all ocd and tunnel visioned sometimes) – maybe i should do that more often – put a chore (or two or three) aside to partake in really enjoying something & living in the moment. so awesome, fo ‘sho! hooooooray for your first painting – i absolutely love it! i love the green color of the vase, and the petals are so fiery and fun! w00t! i must say that i like your painting better than the van gogh one – yours makes me so happyfaced! thanks, Shelly!

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