W.I.P. Wednesday : “Les ouvrages du jardin des modes”


I’m in a rather slumpy place…I just can’t seem to begin any of the new projects I was excited about, let alone finish the W.I.Ps I’d hoped to complete during my summer holidays.

One of the best remedies to such a creative block is to surround myself with beauty and creativity. Spending time in the forest with Guppy does help, as does flipping through some of my favourite art and craft books. I’ve been particularly enjoying this one, Les ouvrages du jardin des modes, and I thought I’d share a little of it with you.

les ouvrages du jardin des modes

This book was a 3 Euro thrift store find I happened upon during my Winter holiday in Toulouse. I was still hobbling around on crutches, but I did manage to convince my SIL to take me op-shopping, and was so glad I did. This beautiful book is a sort of cataloguing of the different project techniques that had been featured over (I think) a six-year period by Jardin des Modes. It features many techniques including : tapestry, embroidery, smocking, patchwork, embroidery-mosaics, Portuguese tapestries, and so much more. It briefly traces the historical roots of many of these techniques and gives cursory explanations. I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking. I hope you enjoy!

Les smocks (smocking)

I think the section on smocking is my favourite.

Des patchworks modernes

Watercolour examples of patchwork motifs – so beautiful!

Les Pissenlits du "Les ouvrages du jardin des modes"

A beautiful Italian tablecloth : linen with embroidered dandilions.

Les Pivoines du "les ouvrages du jardin des modes"

These pionies look like watercolours, and the stitches look like brushtrokes.

"Les jeux de fonds" du livre "les ouvrages du jardin des modes"

Various stitching techniques…

"Les ouvrages du jardin des modes"

A bright and cheery Swedish horse.

This book is just absolutely lovely, and has so many wonderful photos and drawings. I wish I could share all of it with you, but obviously can’t for copyright reasons. I hope you liked this little sneak peek, though.

Have you stumbled upon any new sources of inspiration? I’d love to hear about what’s inspiring you. Also, don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too. We’ve got so many new members – welcome to all of you! I’m also getting our Featured Wipsters lined up for the Autumn, with September ushering in the newest Featured Wipster.


23 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : “Les ouvrages du jardin des modes”

  1. what a great book to enjoy and find some inspiration in, Shelly! sometimes immersing myself in something i like will bring on a spark – i hope it does for you as well! i’m glad you’re enjoying forest fun with Guppy – being in nature always calms me down and gets my brain “un-fuzzed” – i love it the most. i super love the smocking, too! my mother used to dabble in smocking when i was little – she really enjoyed it. the stitching techniques are so cool – i love all the colors – they’re oh-so vibrant!

    i hope things are looking up, my friend! as always – gigantical hugs & superhappyfaces are coming your way!

  2. i’ve been a little less craft-motivated lately. however, the other day someone asked me to sew a patch on something, and i felt a little rush when i was sewing again… funny how those things work, huh? 😉

  3. mm… I love this… I’ve been trying to be so productive and I need to schedule in inspiration time… when I don’t I definitely hit a wall…

    what?? oh right… Shellyfish offers me lots of inspiration! 🙂

  4. I love smocking too! It always brings back memories of the lovely smocked sundress my great-aunt made for me when I was a wee little thing.
    I hope inspiration will soon find its way back to you!

  5. That Italian tablecloth reminds me of my mother’s tablecloths. She used to do those flower ones..made one for my uncle with lots of different plants and their names. It had dandelions, too. She used to stich as long as I remember. Almost 99 % is richelieu. Whenever I travel abroad she wants me to collect new patterns for her.

  6. I love the watercolor patchwork. I hope spending time with this great find of a book has lifted your spirits. I think I need a great thrift store find at the moment!

  7. Thinking of you often and sending warm thoughts. No WIP for me this week, just trying to get my mind around our future – new house, new job for DH, full-time preschool for DS, full-time grad school for me. It’s all too crazy for my Mommy brain to handle! Must get a WIP going to help channel all this nervous energy!

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