Un très beau cadeau…

My lovely friend Robin of Robin In Reality has sent me the most wonderful package!


Really I should thank her dear son “Fritz”, he chose my name in a little drawing Robin had over at her blog. I’m really going to have to thank that cute little guy!

I was so thrilled to check the mail box and find something special and totally unexpected (I knew I’d won, but had no idea Robin had sent my gift yet.). The package included huckleberry-flavoured tea and coffee, two vegan snack bars and a hand-knit scarf! Robin knew I wanted to try something huckleberry-esque, because I never have before. I’d heard of them, but had yet to taste them. I haven’t tried the tea yet, but the coffee was just yummy as can be.


I can’t wait to try these Bumble Bars! They are organic, vegan and gluten-free! Is Robin sweet or what?

But I must admit, this is my favourite part of the package :


Here we have Guppy graciously modeling my new scarf! It’s so soft and beautiful, I just love it! Thank you so much Robin for the lovely gift, and what wonderful timing you have, because I really needed something to brighten my day. I also just love the fact that both my mother and myself now have scarves made by Robin – even though we have never met! The Internet, making the world smaller, one blog post at a time!

I’d also like to thank everyone for the sweet comments and emails you’ve sent. This blog is a sacred space, and I try to keep it as happy and creative as I can. Your friendship and support have meant so much to me – I’d never imagined such an outpouring of solidarity and compassion could come from my little blog. Thank you.

Here’s to more happy posts!

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