Please Stand By…

test pattern

Some of you may have noticed the disturbing post that was up yesterday (I’ve since taken it down, and with it your really kind comments). Not being the queen of technology, I accidently posted something that wasn’t meant to be posted all over the net – sillyfish.

The truth is there are some big things I’m having to deal with right now, but I know in a few months time things will probably look very differently. Please don’t think I’ve abandoned you – because I know you haven’t abandoned me! Your support and encouragement yesterday really touched me. I’ll be perhaps a little less active on the net, but I’ll still be following along from the sidelines.

Again, thanks for the love because it sincerely made me feel a little less alone in this big ‘ole galaxy of crazy randomness.

29 thoughts on “Please Stand By…

  1. Hope you are feeling a little better today doll! Nothing ever stays horrible forever.. in the meantime take it easy, and you’ll be missed!

  2. A bit of sillifish-ness is totally understandable when things are hard…
    I *so* feel like hopping on a plane right now, ’cause I feel like virtual hugs aren’t cutting it! I’m thinking of you a lot, dear Shellyfish, and sending lots of love.

  3. Wishing you peace, contentment, and deep sighs fishy… hope all goes well… one day at a time right? 🙂

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