Mrs. K, Monsieur Fish Loves You! Sweet Freedom Saturday


You still have time to get in on the big Sweet Freedom giveaway! Just leave a comment here before midnight Paris time for your chance! The two lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 1st, in honor of Canada Day.

Mrs.K's Date Cake (Vegan)

This is Mrs. K’s Date Cake. Monsieur Fish also announced to me that this is his favourite thing ever that I’ve ever made. Ever. Monsieur F is a gourmand, and while he often says he just love this or that, this is indeed the first time I’ve ever seen him so passionate about a dessert.

So passionate in fact that when I left the kitchen for a moment…

missing cake

There were four more pieces missing! I had to hide the cake! So silly, I know. I’d much rather see him go crazy with this cake, however, than many of the less “healthy” versions out there.

This is indeed a decadent little snack cake, but it’s 100% natural and delicious.

Have you made anything yummy from Sweet Freedom this week ? Stay tuned next Saturday for another installment of “Sweet Freedom Saturdays”. We’ve also got a brand new Sweet Freedom Flickr Group – come join us! Other Sweet Freedom Saturday Deliciousness here in the Fishbowl : Raw Apricot Bars, Tomato Spice Cake, Carrot Snack Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Gingered Apple Muffins, Spiced Pumpkin Millet Pudding.

10 thoughts on “Mrs. K, Monsieur Fish Loves You! Sweet Freedom Saturday

  1. A date cake with what looks like a coconut topping? Ça ressemble à notre gâteau Reine-Élisabeth! If it’s close to the one I know, I agree with Monsieur Fish: it’s a delicious treat!

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  3. Hello! I just wanted to say “keep up the good work” with Sweet Freedom Saturdays! I bought the e-book a few weeks ago, before I discovered your SFS reviews. I wanted to make almost everything in the book but when you post pictures, it helps me narrow down my options. I made the Spiced Pumpkin Millet Pudding last week (had it for breakfast AND dessert) and I just made a batch of Rice & Spice Apple Pancakes (SO good). Thanks for your pictures!

  4. Oh, my! I won’t tell MR. K!! I’m so glad Monsieur Fish loved the cake. I have to admit it’s one of my very favorites, too. And I love that you made it in a round pan, as well (looks much more like a fancy dessert that way!). 🙂

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