Who loves potstickers & Dumplings? Me! The Daring Cooks June Challenge


After our delicious début with Ricotta Gnocchi in May, we’re back and cooking up a veritable storm with Chinese dumplings and potstickers! To clarify the definitions tout de suite, dumplings are steamed or boiled whereas the potstickers are (gasp!) fried. This month’s challenge hostess is Jen from Use Real Butter, and she graciously shared her family recipe for Chinese dumplings/potstickers. This month’s challenge was once again a slam dunk to veganize as the dough is naturally vegan, but that’s not why I love it. I thought it was fantastic because it was so darn tasty!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again right now : this challenge was a hoot! I’ve found myself wondering why I hadn’t ever made potstickers before, and I’d see them featured from time to time on a blog and lick my lips in admiration, but I’d never actually taken it to the next level and made them. Thank you Daring Cooks for nudging me into new culinary territory!

Vegan Potsticker Filling

I wanted to try to use cannelli beans in the filling in lieu of tofu, because just defaulting to tofu seemed too easy. I feel badly because I didn’t measure my ingredients, but I think it was probably about 2 cups or more cannelli beans, about one cup shredded carrot, four green onions (heads and stems), a little soy sauce, a few teaspoons diced ginger root and salt and pepper. I totally ignored Jen’s advice (sorry Jen) and tossed the onions and beans in the food processor until I had a paste, then added the carrots until well mixed. It was just perfect.

Potsticker/Dumpling Dough

The dough proved a bit of a challenge as I think I added about three or four times the amount of water called for in the recipe. That’s life. I just kept kneading and adding water and knew that the gluten would develop if I would just let it. Once it was ready, however, the dough was very easy to handle and making the dumplings was easy peasy pie. I did punk out and just used a fork to seal my potstickers, but Jen has some beautiful pictures on her blog showing her folding technique.

Vegan Potstickers (pre-fry)

The real disappointment for me with this challenge was the dumplings.
Vegan Chinese Dumplings

I tried to boil a few, but they floated right away, and never really cooked properly, they just turned into floppy wet dumplings. I should have opted for steaming, and I probably will give it a try another time. The potstickers however were a dream come true, and I’ve already been asked to make them again!

Chinese Pot Stickers (Vegan)

Would you like to play with your food? Everyone is welcome in The Daring Kitchen! I would especially like to extend this invitation to any vegans and vegetarians out there – this is an excellent opportunity to flex your creative culinary muscles and veganize omni fare. Learning to prepare delicious “omni-friendly” meals is a wonderful talent to develop, and it’s such a relief to have more recipes in your repertoire!


33 thoughts on “Who loves potstickers & Dumplings? Me! The Daring Cooks June Challenge

  1. Oh, nice job on your potstickers! You can seal them any way you want, hon. As long as they seal and they taste great, then you’re a superstar in my book 🙂

  2. This sounds like such a fun challenge, I’m seriously starting to regret not joining the Daring Cooks! Ah, looks like some delicious dumplings you’ve cooked up. 🙂

  3. Sorry your dumplings didn’t turn out as well as the potstickers… great pictures, though! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting ‘My Baking Heart’ – I’ll definitely be back to read your future posts!!

  4. oh those look so cute and sound delicious! i keep thinking I need to join daring cooks, i’m just rubbish at sticking to deadlines and stuff!

  5. ooooh, they’re so beautiful, Shelly! i love that ya used a fork to seal ’em up – i think it gives them a lovely look! cannelli beans = brillinat, i love that – the filling sounds so delicious! sorry the dumplings didn’t turn out, but i’m glad the potstickers were such a success! man, they look excellent!

  6. Shellyfish! Way to add those beans – never would have thought of that. Now I have to give that a try…..I am going to also try Jen’s recipe for the dough. I have TRIED uber amounts to make potstickers with store bought dough and have always had vegan kitchen failure drama to deal with….resulting in pb sandwiches for dindin. But, I will give it another go with this dough – because yours look awesome!

  7. I know! I too am kicking myself in the arse.. why the heck have I been buying them all this time?? So easy and WAY MORE delish than store bought or even from many restaurants I’ve had them from.

    I shared your feelings for a few moments when I realized I poured too much water over the potstickers.. I thought they were going to end up mooshy and under done, but they turned out really well, thank goodness!

    I love the idea of a creamy filling like yours and Lisa Michele’s.. YUM!

    Hugs, sweetness!

  8. They look like fried pies :). I love fried pies. My family loved these and said I could make them once a week. Well I could see once a month anyway. Nice job. See you next month.

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