Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire


Tangerine’s Kitchen is hosting this month’s Bread Baking Day, and the theme is Multigrain Breads. It’s been so long since I’ve participated in & BBD – Nearly a year! Here I am again, with a most delicious Multigrain loaf, appropriately called Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire, from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

This is the bread that almost wasn’t : A lovely, lazy Saturday afternoon and a beautifully shaped boule was proofing in the kitchen, when I heard my daughter crying in her bedroom. A nightmare had woken her up mid-nap so I calmed her down and I snuggled her…and fell asleep! When we woke up 2.5 hours later I found my boule looking more like a multigrain crêpe than anything else!

Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire (Vegan)

Determined not to give up I formed a loaf and put it in a bread pan, hoping for the best… and let me tell you, it was indeed the best! The best bread I’ve made to date! I find myself saying that more and more frequently…I might be getting the hang of this bread baking thing, or The Bread Baker’s Apprentice is just brilliant. Or both.

Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire (Vegan)

I used amaranth, oats, millet, wheat germ and brown rice, and I also subbed 1 cup Whole Wheat flour for bread flour. The crunchy, slightly-sweet crust and the moist, dense crumb made this an excellent bread for morning toast or sandwiches.

As always, thanks to Zorra for keeping the breads baking around the world! And be sure to check out Susan’s weekly Yeast Spotting for more beautiful baked goodness!

25 thoughts on “Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

  1. Oh, multigrain is always m first choice when either buying or making bread- I just love all the different flavors and textures that all of those unique grains bring to the party! This one sounds fantastic…. I’ve got to try incorporating millet into mine next time.

  2. What a beautiful loaf! I’ve been eying that recipe since I was given the book, now more inspiration to give it a go!

  3. That is a gorgeous loaf of bread and the ingredients sound really really delicious. I’ve always wondered if you could let a bread rise too long – guess not!

  4. What a gorgeous loaf! Your unexpected nap couldn’t ruin your bread: it was an act of mommy-love, and everyone knows that love gives bread this little je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it even better… 🙂

  5. Beautiful loaf!! I’ve been hearing such awesome things about that particular multigrain bread. Makes me wish I had a slice.
    Anyhow, on a completely unrelated note, you won my giveaway for the truffle slicer!! Congratulations! And thanks so much for participating. Please email me to let me know your mailing address so I can get this sent to you 🙂

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