Help for a new, young vegan…and her sweet mum!

First a moment of thanks for three rockin’ women and their super-powers of generosity : My dear Jumblefriend at Jumbleberry Jam, mon amie Vegyogini of Hugger Food and Tara our sweet Snowy Vegan*. Your lovely gifts have been received by Mammafish and I can’t thank you enough – all of you 60-Day Project participants are just amazing! I’ve said it before, but it’s so true – I can’t get over the thoughtfulness and detail that has gone into each and every package sent to my mum. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Now, onto the business of the day. I have come to know Sophie, a very talented seamstress and devoted mother to three lovely girls in Australia. Sophie’s eldest daughter, who just turned 13, has decided to go Vegan (insert applause here). Sophie and her family are omni, but Sophie is a very loving and supportive mum and is trying her best to create healthy vegan meals for her daughter. Her frustration is that sometimes she’s creating separate meals and that’s a great deal of work! I offered to give her some links or some cookbook suggestions for family-approved vegan meals, but thought I would call on you, my dear Vegan readers, to help me out. Well, to help me help Sophie help her daughter. Can you feel the love?

What are we looking for here? Family-friendly vegan recipes (she’s also got a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old…I think. Sorry if I got that mixed around). She’s been making the obvious things like vegan lasagna, etc. but what I’d like is to provide her with some links and/or cookbook suggestions to make meal planning a little easier. My initial suggestion was Veganomicon because of it’s large variety (everything from appies to desserts) and because the ingredients aren’t too obscure or difficult to find.

Do you have any suggestions? Please comment your suggestions  or email me and I’ll post a master list of URLs and cookbook suggestions for Sophie – who really is a rocking mum being so cool about her daughter’s decision.

And because I hate blogging without photos, here’s a random shot of the green smoothie action I’ve been getting here :


2 kiwis, a small apple, a hunk of cucumber (my precise measurements are indicative of my detail-oriented nature…), a bit of soy protein powder, some water and/or a little fruit juice and about 3 or 4 big handfuls of spinach. Oh yeah.

* Tara The Snowy Vegan is running her very first half-Marathon (Go Tara!!!) to raise money for the Alaska Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Stop by her site and give her a little support – monetary or moral – or both!