W.I.P. Wednesday : One for you, and one for me…


When we celebrated Guppy’s birthday earlier this month, we also celebrated the birthday of a very dear friend known around these parts as Tata Katy. They had a joint birthday party, and agreed on the dino theme because you’re never too old for dinos, right?

I was so busy with finishing up Katy’s gift (literally 5 minutes before we left for the party) I failed to take a picture, which was frustrating. Thankfully Katy was cool with taking a picture for me once she got home :


She wrote her own caption for the photo, above.

This is just a brown cotton/linen blend tote bag with an embroidered accent. I just measured the size I thought she’d like and trimmed the corners on the bottom. Easy peasy. However, as often happens when you make something you find adorable for someone, you find yourself wishing for one, too.

Brown tote with embroidery

Wrinkled, because I’ve been using it all week!

Embroidery detail

Isn’t she sweet?

Lining Detail

Lovely floral lining from my stash. I found it vaguely Japanese.

I have to be honest, I’ve been loving up my new tote all week. It’s perfect for lugging lessons to and from work in style. I wish I had more of that chocolate coloured fabric, but it was just some left-over curtains in my stash…and it’s nearly gone now.

The embroidery pattern is a Sublime Stitching freebie that I found via Florista’s flickr stream…the morning of the birthday party! But like Florista, I just had to stitch it right away it’s so sweet. I have a feeling I’ll be using this embroidery pattern again…

I’ve got a 60-Day Project update coming soon, and don’t forget about Sweet Freedom Saturdays! You make anything you’d like from Sweet Freedom and then post it – couldn’t be easier!

What have you been up to W.I.P.-wise? Whatever your works-in-progress may be, have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too.

23 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : One for you, and one for me…

  1. I love it! Of course I love bags/purses/shoes. I NEVER let Grumpy know that a purse or bag I have is “new”. I let him think I just changed bags from my stash in the attic! ;o)

  2. i have to agree, Shelly – you’re never to old for dinos! that’s great that Katy got a picture of the super cute bag you made! it’s adorable! and how awesome that you made yourself one, too! superw00t! i love her little eyelashes! awwwww! (the floral lining is the prettiest – i really love the blues and reds!) i haven’t had time for W.I.P.’n – i need to make some though! i miss my knitting! sadface!

  3. Such a cool lookin’ bag and it makes a fantastic present, too!

    I am going to keep on checkin’ out your craftyness because I reallly need to drag out the sewing machine I borrowed like a year ago and re-teach myself to use it!!! 🙂

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