Happy Mother’s Day – To Every Woman, Everywhere


Is it Mother’s Day where you live? Even though it’s not Mother’s Day yet here in France, I feel compelled to wish a very happy day to all you Mothers out there in North America – and wherever else people are celebrating today.

I sincerely feel that every woman is in her own, sometimes quiet and unsung way, a Mother. Women nurture, coach, listen, lend a receptive shoulder and offer heartfelt advice. I wish I could create a holiday that celebrated all that every woman does to cultivate the beauty around them, especially in the lives of the women who consider them sister, friend and mentor.

So to all women, be they the biological Mother of six (like my mumma!), the big sister someone has always longed for, the school teacher who gives 110% to show her students she cares… Happy Mother’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – To Every Woman, Everywhere

  1. To you, too, Shelly! Little Guppy is lucky to have you (and vice versa, of course). And thanks for the happy wishes from this canine’s “mom”! 🙂

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