Who would have thought? (Martha Stewart, this blog post is especially for you!)

Life is so funny sometimes…

I’ve said it before, my transformation into a Craftyfish is recent. Looking back at my adolescence, and even my 20’s, I never, ever, thought the words “I really want this book” and “Martha Stewart” would be found in the same sentence coming from my mouth…but go figure.

I really, really want this book!


Martha, please feel free to send me a copy and I’m sure I’ll have soooo much to say about all the amazing crafts and ideas you’ve managed to compile into this invaluable book that every crafter should have.


11 thoughts on “Who would have thought? (Martha Stewart, this blog post is especially for you!)

  1. I confess to loving supporting smaller authors. I bet everything in there is somewhere else. Sorry, lol. But I DO understand it’s appeal!

  2. As someone who’s always been a craftyfish (love the word!), I’m still amazed at how talented you are and so it’s hard to believe you weren’t always that way!

    Thanks so much for the running-shoes’ tips!! I’m definitely taking your advice 🙂

  3. ahahahhhahahaha! Shely, you’re the best! and i’m totally going to admit right now that i secretly love martha stewart! she seriously rocks! and while i may not agree with her on everything – she’s one damn crafty lady, and for that i’ve gotta love her!

  4. I kept my love for Martha in secret for many years, but only because my Grandmother hated her!! Now that my Gram has passed, I could proudly show off that book (if I had one). Although I wouldn’t doubt my Gram’s ability-in heaven-to some how make the book disappear! Yep, I remember fondly times when she would go “off” on Martha. Ha-ha… memories.

  5. True confessions…I hate her and I puffy ♥ her. I want her life (sans the Shaft she got – seriously! what was up with that…how many wildly successful men get away with greater indiscretions every day?!?). At the same time, I can’t bring myself to indulge in it vicariously through magazine, blog or book. We have a tortured relationship. But, I’m so glad the two of you have found a happy place. May that book be yours!!

  6. I know! Even if you’re not crafty or whatever, she commands respect. You can’t keep her down – and I think she’s a great role model for thousands of women, and especially young girls, all over the world. She and Oprah get a lot of slack because they are so predominant, but why don’t we get cranky with similar male figures? We don’t.

  7. I know people have mixed opinions, but Martha is my hero. Look at what she did with her own company–and she even spent some time in the slammer–that is one hard-to-beat chick! And she’s beautiful and talented all at once. . . can you tell I love Martha??? Hope she (or her lackeys, at least) see your blog post and send the book! 🙂

  8. Totally! I mean, no matter how you feel about her personally, she has taken so many huge hits – both personally and professionally – and so many people hate her because of her success. Why are we so angry with successful women?

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