Sweetness & Light Saturday

My Jumblefriend has a running feature on Saturdays where she shares the things that made her smile during the week, and today I thought I’d join in.

These two videos have been viewed sooooo many times, I’m guessing you’ve already seen them. Me, I sometimes live under a rock, so I actually didn’t see them until just today. The first one was sent to me by my sweet mumma, and Guppy was just hypnotized. She absolutely looooovvvveeedddd it. I also thought it was cute when she told me that Mary Poppins was singing (she has seen the movie a few times, but still).

And like I said, I live under a rock, so I only just saw this… and it blew my mind. I’m not a reality television person at all (unless the X-Files can be considered reality), I’ve never seen an episode of Nouvelle Star or American Idol, but this got me choked up. This is probably the most touching piece of video I’ve seen in, well, forever.

We must celebrate the underdog EVERY SINGLE DAY!