“Swell” friends : More 60-Day Project Love & Yummies & thank heavens for good medical coverage.

My mother just keeps reveling in the birthday love – thanks to you! A hearty muchas gracias go out to the lovely and talented Robin of Robin in Reality and to everyone’s favourite Swell Vegan, A-K!

Robin sent my mother a gorgeous handmade scarf, huckleberry tea from her native Montana and a beautiful card. Cookzine writer A-K sent her the most delectible homemade raw goodies! And have you seen how cute she looks showing off her new Swell cookzine? She’s being added to the Vegan-Cutie Hall Of Fame fo sho! She’s selling these little babies for only 3USD! 5USD for we freaky European kids. I can’t wait to make every one of those recipes – and eat it all – that Spicy Tahini Stew sounds really good right now…


And now for the Yummies! This Maple Flax Loaf was a pre-Lenten test recipe for 500 Vegan Recipes. So simple and so delicious. Miam! It was as delicious as it was beautiful!


I know the blogger police should arrest me for such a terrible flashy picture, but I’d get myself off the hook when I offered the coppers one of these heavenly Quince Chewies Cookies. If you’re at all familiar with Celine’s blog, than you know she is the cookie queen, and these babies will not disappoint! (Hey, I took the darn photo back in February when it was dark outside at 4pm!). 500 Vegan Recipes is of course going to be rocking your tastebuds! Don’t forget to sneak a peak at the Flickr Pool for eye-candy galore!

I know that I’m oh-so-behind on blog reading and emails. I’m sorry, kids, but after trying to fight a stupid sinus infection without drugs (because I hate the drugs!), I finally caved and sought medical treatment (mostly because I couldn’t fight anymore). Thanks to my tenacity stubbornness I also won two free cases of bronchitis and laryngitis. Yippie!

Would you believe that up until Spring of 2007 (when I moved to this humidisville) I’d never had a sinus infection in my life? I seem to be getting the infection of the century once in the Autumn and once in the Spring. I do live in a very humid area – near the largest forest in France (and one of the largest in Europe), but still! 800mg of antibiotics every morning plus cortisone (yuck – Shellyfish no likey) plus a bunch of other meds should be making me feel better soon. I’d actually be in bed, I want to be in bed, but the cortisone has me wired like a crazy vegan warriorfish and though my eyes and brain are very tired, I can’t sit still.

I do need to say, however, that I am so thankful for our medical system here in France. My generalist was out Wednesday so I called the “traveling doctors” and though it took a few hours, I had a doctor in my home at 11 p.m. He even gave me cortisone right then to help ease my ickyness until morning when I could get to the pharmacy. Oh, and it cost 23E, 22 of which will be reimbursed by Social Security. Next morning at the pharmacy everything was covered, and I didn’t need to pay a centime.

While it’s true that people in larger cities or who chose to go to private clinics may have a slight edge, health care is not considered a “product” or a “privilege” here – it is the basic right of every human being. My little family has had some financial close-calls this year, but never once have we had to “budget” a doctor visit or wait before refilling a prescription – an absurd reality I know so many families face.

I just think that kicks ass.

I’m done now.

30 thoughts on ““Swell” friends : More 60-Day Project Love & Yummies & thank heavens for good medical coverage.

  1. I hope you’re feeling better, shelly! Wow, housecalls..I don’t think they do those here in the US anymore..seriously!

    That said, your bread and those chewies look marvelous, but nothing new there! 🙂

  2. I am so happy that your mum is getting spoilt. I hope my gift arrives soon.

    Sorry that you are icky, nothing worse than a sinus infection truely awful. We also have free health care in Australia, I do feel lucky to live here and appreicate it.

    sending healthy thoughts through cyberspace to you.

  3. i think your medical care system kicks ass too, Shelly! wahoooooo! sorry you’ve got one helluva nasty sinus infection. i hope you’re feel better super soon! do you have a neti pot to help out a little? i love mine – and it helps a bit sometimes with all the ickies!

    both the maple flax loaf and the quince chewies cookies look oh-so yummers! i’d forgive a flash photo, Shelly! how can i not – they look so darn tasty!

    get better! i’m sending happyfaced & healthy vibes your way!

  4. Your healthcare does sound wonderful. An 11 p.m. house call!!!

    I have a penchant for sinus infections too. I am trying to get over some weird nose/throat quasi-sinus infection right now. Like you, about the time I try to get treatment, it mutates into something more serious.

    Your mom must be in seventh heaven from all of the treats. You are a thoughtful daughterfish.

    Hope you feel 100% soon!

  5. Feel better soon! I’m jealous of your healthcare system over there. I’ve put off medical treatment more than once because of lack of funds, and I HAVE health insurance! I stopped getting sinus infections once I started using the neti pot. It’s awesome, though it takes getting used to at first.

  6. Aww, poor dearest Shellyfishy!! I’m so sorry you’re sick and that you had to take icky pills. That’s no fun. How awesome that the doctor came to YOU and that you didn’t have to pay for the medicine! That really IS kickass!

    Your mom is scoring some awesome goodies!! She must be stoked! I can’t believe I was a couple of days late for your 60-day project post, let me know if anybody drops out and I’m in!! I hope you feel better soon! *happy healthy vibes* 🙂

  7. You poor thing, I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick. I think lots of nasty germs go around this time of year. I love the cookies and I’m glad to hear your mom is STILL enjoying her birthday.

    I hate taking pills too. Sometimes I’ll go for hours with a headache because I don’t even think to take an aspirin.

  8. Hope you get better soon!

    I love our health system here too. I never have to think twice about whisking the children off to the doctors. It is a luxury that we too often take for granted.

  9. I am sorry that your health has been so down! I’ve had some nasty chest pain that turned into a cold that turnend into a flue that turned into nightly coughing attacks…winter has been too long, but also yay for a working health system. (Although most Germans would tell you otherwise). Those testers are awesome as usual and I am glad so many people send their presents to your mom.

  10. I think I’m going to have to forward that bit about medical coverage in France over to my mom, who has the worst taste of government funded health care. I keep telling her it can be done correctly and humanely, but she refuses to believe me. And I don’t blame her–the one hospital here that’s open and free(ish) to anyone is atrocious. Still, it can be done! And after the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent this year thanks to an insurance f-up (and I’m a self-supporting student!), I would love to have your situation!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now and I hope it stays that way. Sounds rough. ((hugs))

  11. So sorry you’re feeling ooky. 😦 But yes, wow! That health care system sounds awesome! And house calls! As is should be! Viva la France!!

  12. oh no..sorry that you are feeling so terrible! I swear too that I didn’t start getting sinus infections until my 30s. Have you tried a neti pot? Oh..they work wonders. I was skeptical and still the idea of putting saline water into my nose is weird but it really helps. Hope you feel much better soon. My 60-day project gifty went in the mail promptly on Wed..yippeee!!!!

  13. Oh wow. I can’t believe a doctor came to your house? That’s amazing! I HATE going to the doctors because it always takes hours and hours. I shouldn’t complain though because I live in the US and get really amazing health coverage through Mr. Beagle but still…I hate doctors.

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