W.I.P. Wednesday : Little Purl Bee Rabbits or What I would be making for Guppy if I had time…


Were any of you “X-Files” fans? I was a bit ‘ole “X-Files” nerd, and while I don’t think I believe in alien abduction (the truth is out there), I can so relate to the phenomenon they oft referred to as “missing time” : when you have this hunk of time which seems to just have disappeared and you have no idea where the time went, or what you were doing… because here’s the deal, despite my lofty ambitions and best intentions, I still haven’t made Guppy’s Easter Bunny gift yet.

Well over a month ago, back when I thought I was going to have lots of time to get them done, I saw these adorable Purl Rabbits at The Purl Bee :

rabbit36photo credit : The Purl Bee

These are some of the most stylish bunnies I’ve seen around! Trying to figure out how to spend all your copious free time? Well, make yourself a Purl Rabbit! You’ll need the Pattern Pieces for Rabbit (Just look at the top of the post in the project journal for the next part of the project.)

I really love the Rabbit Clothes – do they come in adult sizes? They are so cute, and really make the Bunny look all dapper-dan. And fancy-pants. Fancy Danny Dapper Pants. Whatever.

Realistically it’s not going to happen because this week is going to be very full for the Shellyfish, but I technically still have time, so let’s not start calling bets yet, ok? And if all fails, I can still make more of these felt cuties à la Aranzi Aranzo like I did last year – they are always a hit. And of course, if I really go into “you’ve got to be kidding me” mode, I know I have a dino book stashed somewhere that could also be slipped into the basket. Must keep our bases covered and all that.

What are you making for the baskets o’ festiveness? Have a crafty week, and don’t forget to see what the other Wipsters are up to, and to check out our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Pool, too.


21 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : Little Purl Bee Rabbits or What I would be making for Guppy if I had time…

  1. Good luck! We rely on neighbors to fill DS’s Easter basket since we fill one at the Spring Equinox for him. But, I’m sure it will be overflowing with goodness as always!

  2. ahahahahaha! i wish i had bunny clothes, too! my favorite growing up was Peter Rabbit – i think i was his biggest fan! he looked so cute in his little bunny coat!

    i think the purl bee rabbits would be super stellar, Shelly! and i hope you find some more time for mucho awesome craftiness! i hear ya on things get’n busy, fo ‘sho! and The X-Files, i was such a fan, too! david duchovny and that bottom lip of his….oooooh my…mmmmmmmm!

  3. “Missing time” certainly explains a lot for me! I didn’t watch X-Files so I had no idea.

    It’s been a long time since I made up Easter baskets, but I know the one you fix up for Guppy will be extra special.

  4. The Fancy Dapper Dan bit made me laugh. You’re right – the rabbits clothes should be in adult sizes! I too am completely out of time these next couple of weeks. Nate suggested I make something for Grace’s birthday…. I just raised an eyebrow and said, um when? Easter is a fully purchased event to – sigh. I’ll make my lofty ambitions again for next year 🙂

  5. I believe in lost time. Usually it occurs after a lot of wine and that’s often a good thing. If I could remember my drunken dancing that would be bad.

    Those bunny are super cute as well.

  6. The rabbits are very cute. I am behind on my WIP as well. I am finishing my stitch-a-long projects this week. Just in time for Easter. I will be more prompt next month. March was just a crazy month for us.

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