Whatever Happened To Sunday Dinners : Indian night!

Things have been a little quiet around here, haven’t they? All is well, I’ve just been a very busy bee, mostly playing catch-up with things I *should* have been working on while on vacation. Since I spent my two weeks playing with Guppy (also on vacation) and crafting, well, my lesson plans needed some emergency attention last week! But I don’t regret it, though. A holiday is for resting, not working after all!

But let’s talk about the deliciousness! This is actually a little pre-Lenten Sunday dinner that I very purposefully scheduled before giving up baking. Two of my favourite bloggers, Jessy and Gail had me longing for some Indian cuisine, and I knew I had to try Gail’s Naan recipe before turning my back on all that is bake-able!

Good gravy, Marie! (I don’t actually know who Marie is. My mum used to say this when we were little and I think it’s funny.) These naan were out of this world, and so easy to prepare. They were really delicious, and I know I’ll be making them again once my Lenten baking fast has ended.

The most tragic thing about them is that I don’t have a picture to show you! I recently lost a folder o’ photos, much to my chagrin, but that’s the rock and roll life of a food blogger! But frustrating. Don’t despair, Gail has some scrummy pictures on her blog, so just go see hers!

Feeling like some Indian curry fantasticalness? Do try Jessy’s Chickpea-potato-tomato curry of deliciousness that is so amazing my mouth is actually watering just thinking about it! The name pretty much says it all, and it’s all good. I love recipes that call for things I have on hand, in addition to being healthy and tasty!


I made another Jessy-inspired meal last night, too, which I will be blabbing about soon. Jessy!!! What would I do without you and your recipe index of sublime awesomeness!?

And with no segue at all, I just want to take a little moment and say thank you : thanks for your comments which bring me so much joy and insight, and thank you for your little messages of love and groovy-ness. I’m so thankful for this blogging community and all its brought me! You rule!


32 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Sunday Dinners : Indian night!

  1. yea! chickpea indian yumminess. my fave. and i’m glad to have you in my blogging community…. you keep us inspired to keep crafting up wonderful creations!

  2. totally agree, Shelly – a holiday is for resting! hooray for some vacation awesomeness & lots of time playing with Guppy (and crafting!) w00t! and take your time catching up – no need to rush!

    now you’ve got me craving indian yummies again! ahahahahaaa! i love it! after your stellar review i’ve gotta try Gail’s naan – it sounds amazing (and her pics are great!)! mmmmmmmm! we’re so superhappyfaced that you enjoyed the chickpea-potato-tomato curry of deliciousness! we love yummies that incorporate goodnesses on hand, too! hells yeah! i can’t wait to find out what other inspired yummies you created!

    i want to say thank you to you, Shelly – for all that you do and all that you are! your blog brightens my day every time i visit! i just love reading your delightful stories, about your fun adventures with Guppy, i drool over all the yummies you create, and i thoroughly enjoy seeing all the crafty awesomeness you make & share with all of us! it’s all awesome – so thank you, too! (and thank you for the rock’n shout-out, my friend!)

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